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Questions tagged [bhikkhu]

Ordained male Buddhist monk. The literal meaning is 'beggar' or 'one who lives by alms', but Buddhist tradition often defines it as one who sees (ikkhati) the danger (bhaya) in samsara. The female equivalent is bhikkhuni.

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How do monks live with medical conditions that require regular meals?

Theravada monks are supposed to eat only one or two meals per day, only between dawn and noon. For the rest of the day, they can drink water or fruit juices. The exception to this rule is if they are ...
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Permission to ordain from absent father

I want to become a monk in the Theravada tradition and have already obtained permission from my mother. My father does not live with us and never has, so according to the following passage from the ...
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A concentrated monk discerns things as they actually are?

Samadhi Sutta (Concentration) [Translated from the Pali by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.] “Develop concentration, monks. A concentrated monk discerns things as they actually are present... Is this an accurate ...
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Details on what may be given as alms

Am very new to the Theravada Buddhist practices and would like to know specific items that could be given as alms. My understanding is that a monk cannot cook for himself from items given and further ...
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In today's perspective is it possible to practice mindful meditation except bhikkhus?

Mindfulness: the Vipassana Meditation is a great methodology to reduce suffering, avoid attachments and gain pure happiness. But in present education, competition, living needs, relationships, ...
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Were the Buddha's earliest followers bhikkhus?

What is the proper name for the Buddha's earliest followers such as Ananda and Sariputta - the ones that followed the Buddha during his lifetime. Would the term be bhikkhu and bhikkhuni or does this ...
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Is Bhikkhu allowed to keep his food in refrigerator for next day or for long period?

From Theravada view; Recently, I saw the video and I am not sure whether a monk can store food in a refrigerator; From my understanding, a monk cannot store food for next day. I believe this should ...
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Is there any significance to shaving the head?

I have noticed when I look at Buddhists, or Buddhist monks, that they have shaved heads. Is there any significance to that? If so, then is it an obligation for Buddhists, or at least Buddhist monks ...
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What is the meaning behind different robe colors?

I have seen the same monk in two different color robes and am wondering why. They were dark red and of course orange. Ihave also seen brown, but that was zen, and if any other colors have relevance i ...
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Proper way to address a bhikkhu?

I have seen many ways to address a bhikkhu, and I'm wondering about the proper way to address a bhikkhu, in writing?'s user avatar