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What does "becoming" mean in the phrase "the 10 fetters of becoming"?

From Wikipedia's Sutta Pitaka's list of ten fetters: The Pali canon's Sutta Pitaka identifies ten "fetters of becoming". sakkāya-diṭṭhi vicikicchā sīlabbata-parāmāsa kāmacchando vyāpādo ...
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Is it right to use the term rebirth in the Buddhist context?

As I delve into the Buddhist literature deeper and deeper, particularly the Theravāda sutta literature, I am getting convinced more and more that when we use the term ‘rebirth’, and more so, the ...
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A few questions about "becoming"

How is "becoming" (bhava) defined in the context of Dependent Co-arising? If there is craving, will that craving always result in "becoming"? Is there something like craving without "becoming"? ...
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"Being" or "Existence" in Paticca Samuppada

Did Buddha mean the term "being or existence" as used in everyday life or different from those such as co-arising with contact and feeling and attachment ? In case Buddha meant the latter I believe ...
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