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Preparing for the Bardo while remaining detached

In the "Tibetan Book of The Living and Dying" it is said that the state one dies in, is the state one enters the Bardo in. Are there any resources someone can point me to that can clarify ...
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Heterosexual attraction in rebirth process?

In his book "Tibetan Buddhism from the ground up", Alan Wallace describes a part of the (human) rebirth process as follows: "In [this vision] one sees (...) [the parents-to-be] in the ...
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Buddhist views on talking with the dead? Is it possible?

In Tibetan Buddhist teaching it is stated that we will be in bardo state for 49 days before rebirth. So during this period we can still communicate with the dead? What is the Buddhist view on this? ...
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Mental Illness and the bardo and rebirth

I'm wondering if mental illness is carried over into the space between lives and then subsequently to the next birth?
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What does the Tibetan book of the dead say happens 14 days after death?

What does the Tibetan book of the dead say happens 14 days after death? I don't have my copy to hand. I'm asking, because I suspect a dear friend of mine may have died last week.
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Can we still reach loved ones with guidence after they have passed through the bardo into a rebirth?

The question I pose is the same as the title of this post. Any experience or further reading of how to practice this reaching of a loved one to support and guide them after they have passed through ...
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Stages of the Bardo

From the moment of death, to the moment of rebirth (or alternative outcomes) How would you map the flowchart of the bardo? or instead of a flowchart a tree map? A list of stages would also be ...
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What is a wrathful Buddha?

In reading this answer to another question there were many references to "the peaceful and wrathful buddhas" in the quote from The Tibetan Book of the Dead. This is a tradition that I'm not very ...
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