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Did the Buddha have unpleasant emotions?

Did the Buddha have unpleasant or negative emotions after his enlightenment? For some time I believed the Buddha only had what you would call pleasant or peaceful emotions. But as I learned that ...
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A recovering drug addict's struggle with ignorance and Beginner's Mind

I, as most addicts do, have a deeply embedded and exaggerated difficulty with desire/aversion. I am only coming to understand the nature of my own ignorance experientially now. It is frightening for ...
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In which sutta does the Buddha discuss his attitudes toward his audience either understanding or not understanding his teaching?

I am writing an essay on Buddhist nonattachment, in which I argue that nonattachment is compatible with a wide range of affective states and intimate relationships (contra some popular philosophical ...
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Mastery of skills outside the Buddhist path and desire

I have run into a mental trap about desire on the Buddhist path. I know desire is good if it is wholesome, ie say desire for enlightenment and etc. Yet what about a desire for the mastery of a skill ...
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Do ALL thoughts with lobha (craving), dosa (aversion) and moha (ignorance) create bad karma?

This answer stated that: Even if you sit in the dark and do nothing, you can still be creating bad Kamma. It depends on whether you have Samma Sati or not. Whatever you do can create bad Karma as ...
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How to stop rejecting / avoiding things?

I'm getting aversion when someone do things that I don't like. This happens when a person do and not on natural things like rain. But It is hard to recorgnise it as aversion because that aversion is ...
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How to practise without having aversion towards life?

Before I started studying Buddhism I had desire for life and desires for more in life. That eventually led me to inevitable and immense suffering and eventually to Buddhism. Now as I practise Buddhism ...
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How to deal with our aversions & judgements?

There’s one issue that seems to be very divisive in my conversations. And I realize that it is because of me and my own aversion & anxiety. I have done drugs. But one drug that always bothered me ...
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Should we care about what others think?

Should we care about what others think? If so, to what level? (Most of the time, those thoughts creates suffering).
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How should I watch sensations in Vipassana meditation?

How should I watch sensations in Vipassana? Should I watch from head to toe and then toe to head? Please explain things step by step as I'm new to Vipassana. Thanks in advance!
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Is there a fate worse than oblivion?

Is there a fate worse than oblivion? To forget, to be forgotten is there … Chant for anti-nothingless?
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Nature of Aversion

I was reading this answer, in which an essay is cited. In this essay, Freedom From Fear, an example is given of a hunted deer which experiences anger, and thus aversion. In contrast, the desire to ...
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Aversion and Mahayana

I think Andrei might have commented once that the suttas are mostly about (liberation from) lobha (including craving and attachment) as a problem, and Mahayana is about dosa. That's probably an ...
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