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1 answer

Is the Avatamsaka Sutra the only Buddhist scripture that talks about multiverse?

I know the Avatamsaka Sutra teaches about a multiverse flower garland, which represents all of reality, is made up of infinite universes which all reflect one another. Is this the only scripture that ...
1 vote
3 answers

What is an "enlightening being"?

Thomas Cleary uses the term "enlightening being" extensively in his translation of the Avatamsaka Sutra. This term isn't defined in the glossary of that book, or in my copy of The Princeton ...
4 votes
3 answers

Looking for negative reference to women in the Avatamsaka Sutra

I came across this rather gender progressive comment from Nichiren If we examine the Flower Garland Sutra, the first sutra to be preached after the Buddha attained enlightenment, we find that it ...
3 votes
1 answer

What are the 10 Samadhis of the Avatamsaka Sutra?

I'm referring to the chapter in the Avatamsaka. Here is one summary: The Great Samadhi of Universal Light The Great Samadhi of Wondrous Light The Great Samadhi of Sequentially Going throughout all ...
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1 answer

Any research on the authorship of the Avatamsaka Suttra?

I was reading through the sutra (well, using global search in my kindle) to find references to the word mathematics. In at least two places the author suggests Bodhisattvas should study all manners of ...