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How does craving cause self-identity or self-habit?

From craving, there arises clinging, then from clinging, there arises existence or becoming, and then from becoming, we get the birth of the self-identity or self-habit. But how does craving really ...
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Questions about strong acceptance of rebirth?

In a nutshell, the Buddha's teaching is: self-views ("I have a self" and/or "I have no self") must be avoided craving is a precondition for suffering, thus we must train ourselves to gain control ...
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What is the Buddhist definition of "Atta"?

There are many discussions about Anatta or Not-Self in Buddhist communities, but the definition of Atta or self is uncommon and not clear. People often misunderstand or superficially translate it, ...
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Bringing 'Atta' concept to Buddha's teachings

We have seen many researches and references (like "Reviewed Work: Self and Non-Self in Early Buddhism" and many more supporting documents from PTS, Pali text society) that the idea Atta to some extent ...
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Is there any volition or will that I can manage or control?

In Buddha's teachings, all mind-related entities are "not-self" i.e.: uncontrollable (opposite of controllable = when I want it I can make it happen, I can turn it on and off as I desire) ...
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