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Why isn't atta translated as essence instead of self?

In Buddhist philosophy, the Pali term 'atta' is frequently translated into English as 'self.' However, this translation can be misleading since in common English usage, 'self' often implies an ...
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Atthakalap and atta vs mind vs Brahma state

What is atthakalap? So famously known as soul-> atta in Buddha's teachings .. how can one derive soul from atthakalap? And what's after liberated state from atthakalap is achieved? Is liberated ...
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How does craving cause self-identity or self-habit?

From craving, there arises clinging, then from clinging, there arises existence or becoming, and then from becoming, we get the birth of the self-identity or self-habit. But how does craving really ...
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Questions about strong acceptance of rebirth?

In a nutshell, the Buddha's teaching is: self-views ("I have a self" and/or "I have no self") must be avoided craving is a precondition for suffering, thus we must train ourselves to gain control ...
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What is the Buddhist definition of "Atta"?

There are many discussions about Anatta or Not-Self in Buddhist communities, but the definition of Atta or self is uncommon and not clear. People often misunderstand or superficially translate it, ...
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Bringing 'Atta' concept to Buddha's teachings

We have seen many researches and references (like "Reviewed Work: Self and Non-Self in Early Buddhism" and many more supporting documents from PTS, Pali text society) that the idea Atta to some extent ...
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Is there any volition or will that I can manage or control?

In Buddha's teachings, all mind-related entities are "not-self" i.e.: uncontrollable (opposite of controllable = when I want it I can make it happen, I can turn it on and off as I desire) ...
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