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In Theravada Buddhism, an arhat (Sanskrit; Pali: arahant-; "one who is worthy") is a "perfected person" who has attained nirvana. In other Buddhist traditions the term has also been used for people far advanced along the path of Enlightenment, but who may not have reached full Buddhahood.

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Is it possible to recognize a person who has achieved Arhatship?

As per the Wikipedia article "Arhat": In Theravada Buddhism, an Arhat [...] is a "perfected person" who has attained nirvana. And I saw somewhere that one is not allowed to say one is an Arhat. ...
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Do Arhats sleep?

I have read somewhere that Arhats (people who attained Nirvana) do not sleep like normal people do. Instead they just stay calm in a suitable position to give the rest required for the physical body, ...
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The buddhist dillema on lesser evil

Imagine this scenario: A serial killer is pointing his gun at an innocent person John and wants to kill John. An arahant is near the killer and knows that the killer will kill 5 more innocent people ...
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Difference between Pacceka Buddha and Arahant?

The Sammasambuddha (Skt: Samyaksambuddha) is also an Arahant according to the Dhajagga Sutta. Is the Pacceka Buddha (Skt: Pratyeka Buddha) also an Arahant? What's the difference between Pacceka ...
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Can a lay person become an Arahant according to the Suttas?

I have already seen different answers to that question, but I don't know which one is based on the suttas. I would appreciate the source of the answer for this specific topic. If you think the ...
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Buddhas vs bodhisattvas vs arhats vs devas vs brahmas

What are differences between these entities? I understand they all are entities that they posses some abilities that normal humans don't have. Are there any other similar entities that might be easily ...
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Is a Mahayana Buddhist *required* to take a Bodhisattva vow?

Is the taking of a Bodhisattva vow a requirement(1) in Mahayana, or is it merely an option (or maybe at most a recommendation)? And if it's not a requirement, then for someone who decides not to take ...
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A view of the self

I have often wondered about one particular riddle regarding the stages of the path. If Sakkāyadiṭṭhi, a view of the self, is one of the first fetters conquered at stream- entry, why is it that Māna, ...
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Do arhats exist after death?

I was just looking at the connected discousres (Bhikkhu Bodhi) and it said Sorry for the rushed question, but I wondered if arhats can be said to exist or not after death? Does the Buddha say the ...
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