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How to deal with anxiety associated with surroundings/environment?

I have moved to a big city from a suburban area recently. I hardly have to go outside home. Because of the current covid restrictions, I do WFH. I used to go cycling or walking everyday before. But ...
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Can I save my meditation practice or should I abandon it?

I'm having a really hard time. Not just in my meditation practice, but in my life in general. I've established a habit of 20 minutes of meditation first thing in the morning, then another 15 minutes ...
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I am a buddhist, and i have a harm OCD

i need guidance for a problem that i have for 5 years. I have a harm ocd, i keep having this extremely bad imaginations about killing family/holy beings and destroying holy stuff. The thing is, i ...
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Buddhist meditation for intrusive thoughts and anxiety

I struggle with anxiety and intrusive thoughts and I've found that meditation helps a lot to calm my restless mind. I am familiar with key concepts of Buddhism. I read a tiny bit about it directly and ...
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I am seeking advice for blasphemous intrusive thoughts

I suffer with Pure obsessive compulsive disorder. I regularly have intrusive thoughts of all different kinds and I can be pretty anxious sometimes. Although I know that thoughts are only just thoughts,...
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I love life and I don't want to die. How to let go?

The last few days I've been struggling with the fear of death. I really love life and I fear the unknown. I know it's inevitable but for some reason I can't accept it. I find it beautiful how in ...
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Can one reach enlightenment if they need to care about the wellbeing of another?

If one need to care about the well-being of another (physical health, mental health), one needs to constantly check their status to update information and act fastly. That makes one constantly worry. ...
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Attention to itching makes me unable to focus on anything else

I am spending some time alone in a day (in solitude). During that alone time and during the rest of the day i am feeling itching and tingling. I can ignore both by just watching it as someone ...
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Meditation for Work Anxiety

I started a new job, and when I get anxious my cognition turns to pure incoherence. I second-guess everything, doubt, double-check unnecessarily, make more errors, etc. What is the best type of ...
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Health anxiety - how to deal with it?

Health anxiety is defined in the quote below. A person suffering from it may mistakenly believe certain fluctuations in bodily sensations to be dangerous or a sign of impending critical illness, and ...
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Did the Buddha have advice about dealing with social anxiety?

Does anyone know if the Buddha said anything about social anxiety and how to deal with it? I believe social anxiety is common in our day and age because people are more isolated now, but may not have ...
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