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British born populariser of Eastern philosophy especially Zen Buddhism. Active in the 1950s through to the early 70s. Author of books such as 'The Way of Zen' and 'What is Tao'.

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What's the origin of the Chinese Farmer story?

Alan Watts told The Story of the Chinese Farmer, which is also sometimes found under the title Maybe. It appears that he told this story sometime between 1960-1969, since it was published in Watts, A. ...
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What are the points against social engagement?

Last year, I applied for the Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) Tech Visa in the UK. From the two criteria: "prove at least 2 innovations in tech" and "demonstrate how your engagement with the community ...
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Was Alan Watts a Buddhist?

I've just answered a question referencing Alan Watts. I'm aware he isn't a straightforward figure though I've always found him provocative and interesting. At one point I though he was a Buddhist ...
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Is Buddhism just Hinduism stripped for export?

I was listening to a podcast featuring Alan Watts and he stated that Buddhism was Hinduism stripped for export. He also says it at more length in his book Buddhism the Religion of No Religion .... ...
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Can Buddhism lead to eternal happiness?

Does Buddhism propose the possibility of any state of consciousness which feels better than neutral? Many buddhist teachings I have heard so far (mostly by Alan Watts) seem to point to an "ideal" ...