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Abhidharma (Sanskrit) or Abhidhamma (Pali) are ancient (3rd century BCE and later) Buddhist texts which contain detailed scholastic reworkings of doctrinal material appearing in the Buddhist sutras, according to schematic classifications. The Abhidhamma works do not contain systematic philosophical treatises, but summaries or abstract and systematic lists.

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How can one point to one's consciousness?

For example, I can point to my eye: the eye itself; I can point to an object of the eye: a book; But I cannot point to the eye-consciousness that arises based on the two.
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How to determine Chithasikas in Naama?

We know that there are combinations of Cetasikas that are used to identify different Cittas. I want to know how to determine Cetasikas in a naama who is having the udaya waya gana (or steps ahead like ...
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How in buddhistic terms one can explain life evolution?

How can in Buddhistic terms explain life evolution, that is how can new beings evolve from previous nama-rupa? How could a vipāka (resultant-consciousness) "move" from cuti-citta (dying-consciousness)...
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Could a software model of Abidhamma ( human thought Process - citta) help in Psychology?

As of my understanding, Abidhamma explains the initial thinkings (citta -thought process) and models the final thinking patterns. If someone implements this known patterns in software, wouldn't it be ...
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Difference between "mythology" and historical "facts"?

In this video, a monk tried to draw a distinction between "mythology" and "history facts" ... Ajahn Sujato - Buddhist Mythology - The Sacred and the Profane - Part 3 ... saying that "Mythology" just ...
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How cognition can be explained in Buddha's Abidhamma?

Cognition, how it happens on one's mind? Is there any comprehensible English explanation about it?
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How many citta vithis are there in Abhidhamma?

I need to know;How many citta vithis are described there in Abhidhamma and what are they?(ie:chakkudwara citta vithi,manodwara citta vithi, etc..)
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