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How to tolerate if someone insulting Buddhism?

I first apologize to ask like this, I'm so sorry but I found people who don't respect other religions by my one older question I had to ask almost like this one that one I'm asking. As this religion ...
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Are Buddhists supposed to feel superior compared to other people, and to brag about it?

I'm asking this question because I want to know if I'm misunderstanding or misinterpreting something. I hope I'm not offending anyone, I want to genuinely know how to interpret my experiences with the ...
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Losing interest in Samsara and transformation one undergoes when following Buddhism

I have been reading books on Buddhism and contemplating on the Suttas. Lately the things which I was interested about like reading novels, watching movies, playing games and girls is losing its sheen. ...
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How should I express Mudita or Joy for all beings?

In Mudita meditation or Joy Meditation I am supposed to experience Joy for all beings. But I don't know which aspect of living beings is worth celebrating. My question is : How should I express ...
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Which of the five hindrance does 'comparison' fall in?

Which of the five hindrances does 'comparison' come under? I mean when the mind starts chattering, "he is better than me, he succeeded where I failed, he got this and I got nothing, he got better ...
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Compassion and Wisdom

Does wise practice of compassion ever lead to suffering or bliss for the practitioner? Is there a difference between compassion cultivated through the Brammaviharas and compassion cultivated through ...
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How does a Buddhist care for others' suffering?

Please forgive me, I know really little about buddhism. From what I heard, the Buddhist will try to find relief from suffering by meditation and trying to be selfless. But what about others that are ...
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Does enlightenment in all teachings amount to a progressively deeper realisation that I am already enlightened?

So e.g. kensho is usually thought of as beginning realisation in zazen, and is into our true nature as Buddhas. Does enlightenment in all teachings amount to a progressively deeper realisation that I ...
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What is the difference between love, compassion, sympathy and empathy in Buddhism?

The Buddha has been said to be compassion however i have not seen compassion described. What does it mean to be compassionate? How is it different to love, sympathy and empathy?
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Denial and ego-defence

I've never been taught psychology so I'm no expert but modern vocabulary includes the words "denial" (like "in denial") and "ego defence". "Denial" appears in ...
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How to teach sympathy/empathy in Buddhism?

I have been following Buddhism and mindfulness for a while now. I have a 5 year old son and want to teach him to be sympathetic/empathetic and grateful but im struggle to reconcile some of the ...
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What are some of the ways to practice confidence/ self-confidence?

In many Buddhist doctrines, confidence or self-confidence is thought as a virtue. I am still struggling to see how it does not contradict with arrogance or pride. A few expansions are: "...
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"true love", compassion and suffering

According to Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, "true love" has four elements: Loving kindness: this produces a lot of joy and happiness. Compassion: it makes us and the other people suffer less. Joy: "If ...
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Friendship and Compassion

I've realized that that I don't feel much friendliness for a person which I considered my friend previously. At the level of friendship, things are not the same. Yet, this person has done nothing ...
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Should I help myself by hating?

Heello, I am not really Buddhist - although I do read sutras and have some general inkling - or anything at all. I like to do drugs, drink, and other discretionary acts, however I am considering ...
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