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Enlightened Lies - Can lying be the correct action in certain situations?

Can lying be the correct action in certain situations? Bhikkhu Bodhi gave an example of a situation where lying might be appropriate: In World War II some nice people would hide those oppressed by ...
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Returning to the marketplace - examples

In the Ten Ox Herding Pictures of Zen the final picture is commonly depicted as returning to the marketplace. Enlightenment is said to be doing the most ordinary things in a most extraordinary way. ...
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Can you criticise or improve Ven. Bodhi's description of Mahayana

Here I summarised, and here I referenced, this little essay by Bhikkhu Bodhi: Dhamma and Non-duality (the first four paragraphs seem to be about Advaita Vedanta, the remainder about "Mahayana Buddhism"...
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Four Noble Truths contradicting?

I don't even like to post a question like this but I just want to share a misconception that people from other beliefs have regarding Buddhism. Please what this video
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Can binaural recordings enhance my meditative experiences?

I read about binaural tones and am about to experiment with them in my meditation sessions. I read that studies show mixed results, with 7Hz frequencies improving focus and 15Hz impeding concentration....
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Should sensual pleasure be actively avoided, rather than simply not sought? I am particularly interested in regards to taste

I understand that the active seeking of sensual pleasure is not seen as good, but it's not clear to me whether it should be actively avoided. I was preparing some noodles to eat this morning and ...
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A thought-experiment about the importance of Buddhist traditions

Suppose a leading Buddhist figure -- say a well-known Tibetan monk -- were to suddenly start displaying cultural behavior appropriate to other religious faiths. For instance, suppose this monk were to ...
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Awakened Great Zen Master Seung Sahn - is it possible he lost the state of Nibbana?

From my understanding of awakening (and also according to answers here like Is it possible to become UNenlightened?), it is an irreversible process. It makes sense in theory as, once one awakens, ...
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What are The Buddha's most compassionate acts?

Source could be from sutras or anything else. Thank you.
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What is the general Buddhist consensus on catharsis?

Is it fine if you are mindful while doing it? Or did the Buddha denounce such practices as revelling or exaggerating emotions to provide temporary relief? I find that simply being mindful while ...
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Buddhist pursuit of peace questions [closed]

I've been researching about Buddhism and their pursuit for peace and i have some questions. Do you believe that Buddhism has shaped society today. If so how? How has Buddhism influenced your life? ...
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