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Why do Buddhists believe there is no creator?

Why do Buddhists believe there is no creator? Do Buddhists in general also believe there is no supreme being, or do they settle on that there is no intervening supreme being? Are these the Buddha's ...
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Is Anatman the most important concept in Buddhism?

Buddhism begins with The Truth of Suffering. That seems like the best point to get someone's attention, and is basically indisputable. The Truth of Impermanence is fairly easy to accept, because we ...
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Rejecting clinging to both pleasure and displeasure

I recently listened to a talk by Ajahn Chah, in which he mentions (@ ~14:20-14:53) that wisdom is found when one clings to neither pleasure nor displeasure. This really created a dilemma in my head ...
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Can a non-Buddhist get Nirvana?

No religion teaches what Buddhism teaches at its core. A true Hindu or Christian or Muslim believes in God and soul. Can a Hindu or a Christian or a Muslim, who is not aware of Buddhist philosophy, ...
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Can one follow Hinduism and Buddhism at the same time?

I am born Hindu and have been following Buddhism for more than a year. The change has been a life changing experience but now I find myself at the junction of two religions. I sometimes face ...
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If there is no Self , what Self is there to be affected by the karma which non-Self now performs?

If there is no Self , then what Self is there to be affected by the karma which the non-Self now performs? EDIT: A similar question I guess was asked in Samyutta Nikaya and Buddha replied as follows :...
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Learning materials for Dependent Origination (Paṭiccasamuppāda) in Theravada Buddhism

I am listening through the talks and guided meditations from the retreat at Amaravati Just One More: Dependent Origination and the Cycles of Addiction Retreat, where there are a number of references ...
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If Buddhism is about moderation, then why is it that you can attain nirvana only after renouncing worldly possessions?

This is really confusing to me. Buddha himself was an ascetic, and his teachings seem to imply that the path to nirvana is attained through renouncing one's worldly possessions. Isn't this in direct ...
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If there is no self what or who is it that gets enlightened?

From reading this answer I come to understand that anatta means the lack of a core that can be conceived as self. If there is no permanent self, then who or what gets enlightened?
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What is the true meaning of The Middle Way

All the teachers and people I have read, talked with and listened to, emphazises that Buddhism is the Middle Way. Is this the right way to see it? If so, what is the most important or central aspect ...
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What did Siddhartha really meant by ending suffering

I constantly hear from buddhists that "happiness is inside of you" and that thinking you can get away from suffering by wanting to be somewhere else, or wanting to be with someone else or stuff like ...
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Someone told me Buddha copied almost everything from Brahmanism, how accurate is that?

I am fairly new to the Dhamma and this site specifically. I was told by an Indian person that dyana (meditation) was a part of a yoga system which became zen in china, dharma became dhamma, most of ...
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Dukkha and happiness

Was reading the article linked to below about how happiness is merely the absence of dukkha in much the same way that darkness is the absence of light. That happiness is alway there. All we need to ...
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Karma, right effort, letting go, heroic sacrifices: what's the right thing to do?

Isn't there a story where the Buddha accosts a monk who's bleeding from performing walking meditation for too long, and tells him practice must be like a Veena's string - not too tight, not too loose? ...
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Who was ignorant about the Truth in the beginning?

In the dependent origin co-arising, ignorance came before consciousness and self.In fact we begin with ignorance. This ignorance is the ignorance about the 4 noble truths. My questions are : Who is ...
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Is Buddhism a syncretic religion, and then what would they say on the Abrahamaic religions?

Syncretism is a union or attempted fusion of different religions, cultures, or philosophies — like Halloween, which has both Christian and pagan roots, or the combination of Aristotelian ...
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