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Existence of Absolute time [duplicate]

Absolute, true and mathematical time, of itself, and from its own nature flows equably without regard to anything external, and by another name is called duration: relative, apparent and common time, ...
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What does deathless mean?

The word "deathless" is used sometimes. What does it mean? Are there non-obvious or non-English meanings to the words translated as 'death' and/or 'deathless'? Similarly what does "attaining the ...
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Is time empty of inherent existence?

My understanding of dependent origination is that it asserts that all things are empty of inherent existence. On an intellectual level I can appreciate and accept this however I struggle when it comes ...
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Is it me or someone else paying karma for my sins?

According to Buddhism, is it me who is getting punished or rewarded in next life for my deeds in this life?
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Is modern capitalism inherently opposed to Buddhism?

In the Dhammapada in the chapter 20 - The Path it says "I will make this my winter home have another house for the monsoon and dwell in a third for during the summer". Lost in such fancies, one ...
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Karma, right effort, letting go, heroic sacrifices: what's the right thing to do?

Isn't there a story where the Buddha accosts a monk who's bleeding from performing walking meditation for too long, and tells him practice must be like a Veena's string - not too tight, not too loose? ...
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How do we sense the flow of time?

According to the Abhidhamma, at each given instant there is a consciousness that arises and ceases completely before the next consciousness arises. Each consciousness is only aware of the present ...
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What canon do you follow to modify the Buddha's views as knowledge advances?

Let's assume modern scientific discoveries contradict or alter the Buddha's explanations. How are we supposed to approach this new information as it relates to the Buddha's teachings?
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Has the law of karma evolved/is it evolving?

As I understand it, Buddhism is not inconsistent with Darwin's theory of evolution. Since the law of karma is central to Buddhism and applies to sentient beings, is the law of karma something that ...
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How would the END look like?

According to Buddhism, how would the end of times look like? Would it just be the end of a pre-defined period, or would it be something different like the Rapture in Christianity?
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Buddhist References about Space and Time

What are the Buddhist references which deal with: space and time Primary sources from the Tripitaka or secondary and tertiary sources with proper citations are also welcome.
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Thing-hood in Buddhism and meaningfulness

I often struggle with feelings of despair about not so much that I will die but my mortality, my insignificance in a time as time never ends. But it also occurred to me that actually everyone is in ...
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Did anyone equate the tathagatagarbha with the past?

This question may sound strange, but in my secular frustrations, I'm thinking about "the past" as some kind of womb which has nourished and given birth to "me" now. Do Buddhists, of any sort, have a ...
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