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Can or should a Buddhist defend themselves physically?

If someone is attacking you to kill you should you defend yourself? Would it be ethical to kill an intruder coming into your home? If not, how did the bushido samauri warriors justify it? We're they ...
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What should you do when someone teaches false Dharma?

I was part of a religious group that claimed to be everything that the Buddha teaches. But, when you listen to their teachings, you can tell discrepancies between their teachings and Buddhist ...
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English (or other European) translations of Pali Canon

Perhaps this should be closed as a 'shopping' question, but maybe translations take a long time to make and therefore there are not too many of them, and they don't go out of date quickly. The ...
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Modern vs traditional Zen

According to David Chapman, modern Zen was basically invented by D.T. Suzuki, and doesn't have much to do with original Zen or even with Buddhism in general. Is this true? Is modern Zen closer to ...
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How can killing of Muslims by Buddhists in Myanmar be justified? [duplicate]

Considering whatever atrocities Muslims did (I don't know if they did any) or are going to do, is killing Muslims the only solution the Myanmar Buddhists could adopt? Is it wise? Is violence ...
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Is Buddhism in conflict with manliness?

Is Buddhism in conflict with manliness? I don't mean macho manliness but being a real man. To be man we have to compete, obtain resources and protect our families. Could it be all achieved reasonably ...
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How does Buddhism see Required Military Service?

I live in the United States, where although unlikely, a draft could happen. There are also many other countries that require military service in some capacity. I know Buddhism generally opposes ...
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How important is motivation in determining the virtue/non-virtue of a karmic action?

I ask this question because I assumed the importance of motivation being paramount in determining the virtue/non-virtue of karmic action was widely shared among all traditions. Anyway, I'd like to ...
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Between death and offence what is the choice?

One day here on this SE i had an comment to one of my answers suggesting that it is rather discomforting or hard to accept that Buddhists have chosen death as their choice in difficult situations like ...
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What is the doctrinal justification for Shaolin martial arts?

It is known that Shaolin monks practice a form of Chan Buddhism. It is also known that they practice their own form of martial arts. What is the doctrinal justification for their practice of martial ...
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Killing a terrorist by official government army consider as bad karma?

Government army need to follow orders by Government. In the war, army has to kill the terrorists. That is the nature of war and defeating terrorists is their job. So is it consider as bad karma? I ...
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