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Is moderate drinking acceptable in Buddhism?

I have heard a certain interpretation of the 5th precept and I'm curious about it, the person said that for lay people the 5th precept means "not drinking alcohol to the point you get intoxicated or ...
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Do all Buddhists abstain from alcohol?

I've been to a nice restaurant (pictured below) where the bar was decorated with statues of the Buddha. Given the 5th precept and all; this seemed a bit odd. Would it be correct to surmise that the ...
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Is it useful to practice intoxicated?

I am aware that drinking is against the fifth precept, but there are certain occasions where I can enjoy a few drinks (few times a month). I read a lot that it is not recommended to meditate purposely ...
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Are there examples of the Buddha showing humour in the Pali Canon?

Leading on from this question - are there any examples of the Buddha showing a sense of humour or a certain lightness in his teachings within the Pali Canon? I was once told that it is possible to ...
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Five Precepts - did Buddha really preach them?

The five precepts are (from wikipedia) I undertake the training rule to abstain from killing. I undertake the training rule to abstain from taking what is not given. I undertake the training ...
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Why intake of intoxicating substances is not included in 10 unwholesome actions?

Following are the 3 unrighteous bodily conducts out of 10 unwholesome actions described in suttas such as Saleyyaka Sutta. Killing living beings Stealing Sexual misconduct I would like to know the ...
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Are monks expected to accept life lessons from (time spent with) the laity?

In general, the monks are expected to preach the Dhamma and the laity should listen. But "behind the scenes", so to say, should monks really be learning from at least some situations they run into ...
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5th precept missing from 8fold Path?

I can find the first 4 precepts explicitly listed in the 8fold Path- but not the 5th precept regarding intoxicants. Am I missing it in there somewhere? I am wondering if it was a later addition to the ...
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Is fifth precept included in the Noble Eightfold Path?

In the following video this monk said that consuming alcohol is a latter addition to the fifth precept and hence not part of the Noble Eightfold Path. I wish to know your thoughts on this. https://...
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Did the Buddha's teachings change over time during his life?

Did the Buddha's teachings change over time during his life? In the Buddha's decades long work, did he change or redevelop his teachings? Which ones?
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