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Is eating meat compatible with the training rule to abstain from killing? [duplicate]

The first lay precept says “I undertake the training rule to abstain from killing.” (The formulation is from Wikipedia.) As I understand it, this rule pertains to all kinds of sentient beings. Is ...
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Can being a vegetarian actually be a temporary hindrance for some?

I am Buddhist, but not a strict vegetarian. When new acquaintances discover this they are often shocked and wonder, "How can this be??!!" I'm going to try and explain my answer and see what ...
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Will working for a company that engages in animal experimentation to alleviate suffering of humans be wrong livelihood?

I have been lurking here for a long time, but I made an account just to ask this because I am very conflicted, and I think some of you here maybe able to help me like you have many times before ...
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Can one follow Hinduism and Buddhism at the same time?

I am born Hindu and have been following Buddhism for more than a year. The change has been a life changing experience but now I find myself at the junction of two religions. I sometimes face ...
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Does hosting guests at home with meat and alcohol (because they are fond of it) amount to aiding the guests break their Sila?

I'm a strict vegetarian and non-alcoholic. But all my friends are non-vegetarians and alcohol consumers. So, when I host a party at my place, it becomes obligatory of me to host them with alcohol and ...
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Is meat eating a possibility?

I have been vegan (no animal products) for over 5 years but recently have encountered many health issues (unable to digest many plant protein, leaving no viable protein to eat), including some meat in ...
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I feel guilty about eating non-vegetarian food (fish, eggs and chicken). I know Buddhist followers, brahmins (Hindus) and Jains follows strict rules for vegetarianism. Does eating any sort of meat ...
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Someone told me Buddha copied almost everything from Brahmanism, how accurate is that?

I am fairly new to the Dhamma and this site specifically. I was told by an Indian person that dyana (meditation) was a part of a yoga system which became zen in china, dharma became dhamma, most of ...
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Does buying meat equate to approving of killing an animal?

In the Kammapatha sutta AN 3.164(A i 297) a note concerning the meaning of a passage (written by the author of the page dedicated to the sutta it seems) makes me question, the sutta and note are ...
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Why is meat prohibited in Buddhism?

Yesterday I was a guest at the home of my Buddhist friend, he cooked vegetables for me and some other drinks were there on table. I am fond of meat but there was no meat available. So, I asked him why ...
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Eating meat and buying meat

Buddha said to his disciples (monks), meat can be eaten if they are not seen, heard or suspected to have been killed on purpose for a monk. Eating meat is different from killing animal, it's clear. ...
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Is financial speculation ethical according to Buddhism?

Imagine someone buys money in foreign currency, then sells it at a profit. Does Buddhism consider such operations ethical? Note: One possible reason why it may be unethical is the purpose of money --...
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Theravada Monks and meat in daily meals

Can I assume that Theravada monks are to eat any kinds of food given to them during alms round? What if they are given food with seafood or any meat? Is it considered breaking the 1st precept? Cos ...
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Is Buddhism a syncretic religion, and then what would they say on the Abrahamaic religions?

Syncretism is a union or attempted fusion of different religions, cultures, or philosophies — like Halloween, which has both Christian and pagan roots, or the combination of Aristotelian ...
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What is the importance of intention in Buddhism?

Do any scriptures discuss the importance of intention? Why is intention rather than action important?
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