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Who or what decides that someone has enlightened himself?

Who or what decides that someone has enlightened himself? It's just about an urge to know the point where/how enlightened one's or their followers approve that 'they are enlightened'. What happens ...
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Who am I- according to Buddhism

What does Buddha say about the question,"Who am I"? Our body and mind perishes with time. If so then who actually attains the Truth?
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Is Nibbana a state of mind or an element (dhamma)?

I have four parts of this question, Is Nibbana a state of mind or a dhamma? If Nibbana is a state of mind, is it merely the uprooting of craving? If the answer for the second question is "Yes", then ...
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No aim. No perspective. Begin of 30y. Scared about political-decisions. Paranoid. What should I do?

Please make sure you read the whole text before giving me an answer. I'm very serious about this and search a very good advise, something I didn't think before. This year I'll become 30 years and I'm ...
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Nirvana with benefits?

Is the state of Nibbana the state of "not existing at all in any way" or is it nonexistence with benefits that are too deep to understand from the perspective of samsara? Does the only "bliss" ...
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If there is no self what or who is it that gets enlightened?

From reading this answer I come to understand that anatta means the lack of a core that can be conceived as self. If there is no permanent self, then who or what gets enlightened?
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What is the concept of "Ego" or "self "?

What is the concept of "Ego" or "self "? In buddhism there's concept called no self.Does is mean there's no "me" at all or does it mean that "me" cannot understood with out " you ".
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How do I integrate Vipassana practice into daily life?

I'm am completely new to meditation, and I have really been wanting to start it. The past few days, I've been doing Vipassana sessions for the first time; however, I hear people say that it doesn't ...
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Does "stream enterer" simply mean "devout Buddhist"?

I have read about technicalities of stream entry, but just wanted to ask, to see if I understand the "big picture": If we step outside and try to describe it in plain English, is a "stream enterer" ...
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Is it possible to use meditation to gain Self control?

I have planed my life and want to stick to it . But the problem is My self control . For example I tend to waste a lot of my time in youtube watching documentaries . You know it starts like I 'am ...
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Did the Buddha ever delve on the dangers of one's own spirtual achievements feeding the ego?

This question came up when I really thought back on both my and many others' spiritual journey. In the New Age community, especially, the sense of viewing things as illusions and making progress in ...
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Are there meditations for forgiveness?

I'm having a lot of trouble forgiving someone for something they did quite a little while ago. The repercussions of which I am still dealing with today. I feel a lot of anger and frustration when I ...
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Should I identify myself as formless?

Namo Buddhaya. Sabbe Dhamma Anatta. Form is Anatta too. Meaning form is not worth identifying as myself, me or mine. Does that mean that I should identify myself as formless ? Am I in form or am I ...
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Did the Buddha ever define what he meant by "self"?

Added: I am asking this because I am not sure if anything I observe would be considered "self" according to the Buddha. I don't have this problem with craving or suffering because I can observe/...
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Suffering more in order to feel less suffering? Living with suffering?

I have been reflecting on suffering and it seems to me that, since everyone is suffering and yet most people around me seem happy and contented, there is a way to live "happily" despite suffering that ...
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