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If there is no soul, how can there be rebirth?

Anatta is often described as "not-self" which I understand to mean that our identities are illusions. But it's also described as "soullessness" which I think implies that there is no mind other than ...
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Learning materials for Dependent Origination (Paṭiccasamuppāda) in Theravada Buddhism

I am listening through the talks and guided meditations from the retreat at Amaravati Just One More: Dependent Origination and the Cycles of Addiction Retreat, where there are a number of references ...
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Scientific approach of Kamma

The concept of Kamma implies that information is stored in the mind (not the brain) and after the being is dead, this mind (or this data "storage") goes on and carries with it the current position of ...
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If there is no self how can Nirvana be described as bliss?

I've heard Nirvana described as a state of bliss, but if there is no self then how can it be described as bliss when nobody is there to experience it?
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Is society the follower of Mara?

In day to day interaction, people treat me as if I exist. They say "'Dheeraj' would you like to see a movie?" They say "'Dheeraj' you are married." They say, "Would you like to eat spicy food or ...
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How does one become victim of one's own Karma?

I understand Karma as describing habitual mind patterns which cause one to behave impulsively according to certain mental predispositions conditioned by previous actions and intentions. My question ...
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Rebirth as cycle of consciousness?

Wikipedia's article on Rebirth (Buddhism) says, Buddhist meditation teachers suggest that observation reveals consciousness as a sequence of conscious moments rather than a continuum of awareness[...
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If there is no Self , what Self is there to be affected by the karma which non-Self now performs?

If there is no Self , then what Self is there to be affected by the karma which the non-Self now performs? EDIT: A similar question I guess was asked in Samyutta Nikaya and Buddha replied as follows :...
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Time in Buddhism

I read a couple of books on time, yet they all seemed somewhat incomplete, as if it was something simply tagged onto the rebirth / enlightenment doctrine. How important is time in Buddhism, not ...
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Why did Yamaka have wrong view in SN 22.85?

In Yamaka Sutta, this was wrong view: As I understand the Teaching explained by the Blessed One, a monk with no more (mental) effluents, on the break-up of the body, is annihilated, perishes &...
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How do you explain Zeno's paradox in Buddhist terms?

I thought id ask how you would explain what is commonly referred to as "Zeno' Paradox of Achillies racing the turtle" in Buddhist terms. For those who aren't familiar the paradox is like ...
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