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Have any Buddhist thinkers responded to the critique of the Brahma Sutras?

By far the most popular school of Hindu philosophy, which almost all Hindus nowadays belong to, is the Vedanta school, which is based on an ancient Hindu work called the Brahma Sutras or Vedanta ...
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What are the traditional Buddhist arguments for rebirth?

According to Buddhist philosophy, there are two Pramanas or means of valid knowledge: Pratyaksha or sensory perception and Anumana or inference. (This is in contrast to most Hindus who believe in ...
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If there is no Self , what Self is there to be affected by the karma which non-Self now performs?

If there is no Self , then what Self is there to be affected by the karma which the non-Self now performs? EDIT: A similar question I guess was asked in Samyutta Nikaya and Buddha replied as follows :...
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Why has the "3rd precept" of the 5 precepts been interpreted as being so permissive?

It seems to me that according to one interpretation of the "3rd precept" of the 5 precepts one could even engage in various sexual acts with a vast number of prostitutes nonstop and that still wouldn'...
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Buddhism and the middle path

I am battling with understanding the concept of the middle path. Having read the many articles available, the concept escapes me especially with a view of self and no-self. My understanding is that ...
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How can all dharmas have no intrinsic reality logically speaking?

There Can Only Be Two Types of Realities(Dharmas): 1.Conditioned Reality: Any reality that depends on something for its existence. For example, a Cow depends on its organs, the organs depend on cells, ...
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If Buddha stayed unanswered on this matter, why do his followers preach that soul doesn't exist?

Almost every Buddhist I've met sincerely believes in non-existence of self or soul. Especially, the vipassana practitioners say that scanning the body and finding no atman or self in it is proof that ...
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Is rebirth a delusional belief?

I find it difficult to assign a meaning to the word 'rebirth'. Here are some hints that rebirth might not be real: Views regarding one's past and future existence are included in the "62 false ...
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The Final Moment of the Buddha's Realization

“Siddhartha Gotama sat for one last time under the pipul tree with the adiṭṭhāna that he would not get up till he became realized. He battled the beautiful as well as the ugly and fearful illusions of ...
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How does Dependent Origination relate to Vipassana Meditation?

How does Dependent Origination relate to Vipassana meditation as taught by different schools / interpretations of Buddhism? More particularly how do you break the links of dependent origination as ...
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Someone told me Buddha copied almost everything from Brahmanism, how accurate is that?

I am fairly new to the Dhamma and this site specifically. I was told by an Indian person that dyana (meditation) was a part of a yoga system which became zen in china, dharma became dhamma, most of ...
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What is the substantial cause of an instance of consciousness?

Context: I'm considered a skeptic of rebirth in my tradition which is the Gelug branch of Tibetan Buddhism. I'm asking this question to help me understand what other traditions think. In my tradition ...
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Interdependent origination

Is the doctrine of interdependent origination found in Vedas . What is real origin of this? I have heard of indra net .just curious
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How do Buddhists that think of karma figuratively do so about rebirth?

How do Buddhists that think of karma figuratively -- non literal -- not what is ordinarily meant -- do so about rebirth? They surely cannot believe rebirth is literal, so what exactly is it? An answer ...
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What is the precise meaning of anatta?

This is focusing in on one specific aspect of what was asked here: What are the three marks of existence? I often hear "anatta" explained as being an expression of the non-existence of the self. ...

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