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Looking for a book that covers the biography of the Buddha's life

Which biography of the Buddha is written in (or translated into) English, and is the most widely read (from a Theravada perspective)?
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Introductory/Beginner books on Buddhism, but for children

There are a few posts on the site asking for good introduction/beginner books on Buddhism, but I can't seem to find any that a child could read and understand. Although age range doesn't really ...
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Can anyone give me a suggestion of a good monk to learn Buddhism?

Can someone give a name of a monk to learn Buddhism? Thanks
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Introductory books to Buddhism

I'm looking for some book(s) that are generally regarded as a good introduction to Buddhism. I know very little about Buddhism, having only read one book on it so far (What Makes You Not a Buddhist by ...
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Chronological or other sequence for beginners

At least one of the "introductions to Buddhism" that I read included elements from, some biography of, the life of the Buddha, including: Early life Searching for enlightenment Sermon at Benares (a.k....
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Recommendation for Suttas

I have been practising Vipassana for quite a while (2 and half years). Now, I want to also dwell into the teachings of Buddha as presented in Suttas and apply those teaching in my everday life. I have ...
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Recommendation - Book for beginner

I am interested in knowing more about Buddhism especially the pursuit of happiness. Which book would you recommend me for introducing me to Buddhism philosophy on this subject?
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What are the Core Teachings of Buddhism?

I asked, What is the core teachings of the Buddha, ( As I do Know ) There was no modern traditions then. I know that there has been a Buddhist Council gathered to try an reach the core understandings. ...
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Starting Buddhism

I have two questions. First, I grew up roman catholic, but now in my mid twenties, I am beginning to notice that a lot of my beliefs and actions don't align with Christianity so I started reading ...
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Getting Started

How do I get started on my journey to become Buddhist? I'm familiar with the basics and really connect with the teachings I know of so far on a personal level. I need some guidance as to what I should ...