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Which word is more suitable for describing reality?

There can be different kinds of reality. Reality as experienced by dogs, cats, elephants, lions, pigs, snakes, humans, gods, maras or reality as experienced in hell or reality as experienced in heaven ...
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Is upaya a lie?

According to upaya, the doctrine of 'skillful means', as it appears in the Lotus Sutra, was the Buddha lying when he said that there are three vehicles? Presumably he knew there was only one: so why ...
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Can someone provide explanation on dependent origination

According to this law, every phenomenon owes its origin to another phenomenon prior to it. It may simply be expressed as “depending on this, this originates”. An example of Dependent Origination in ...
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Did the Buddha invent any words?

A person told me that the Buddha coined certain words as part of his teachings. I don't remember which words, but perhaps "samadhi" was one of them. Is there any evidence the Buddha invented ...
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Can someone be literally reborn in lower realms due to unskillful thoughts and emotions?

I often wonder myself if the buddhist teachings says that realms are mental states, realities based on external conditions or a combination of the two. Why is that? For example: "There's the ...
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What are the cause(s) of a biased or sticky mind?

Over the years I observed in myself and others a tendency to get stuck (to be biased) in our views, thoughts and behaviour. This appears to be the result of cognitive biases in the mind resulting in ...
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Ten thousand world systems

I keep pondering over the below questions and thought of posting it here. Is the physical universe(the one we observe with stars, galaxies, black holes etc) contained in the 31 planes of existence or ...
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16 Worldview Questions For Buddhists

Good evening, everyone! I'm curious about the Buddhist worldview and would like answers to these sixteen worldview questions. I rely heavily on James W. Sire's worldview questions from his book The ...
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What is the difference between Theravada "papanca" with regard to objects and Mahayana "selflessness of phenomena"?

In a previous question I asked whether the Theravada posits the selflessness of phenomena? Where the best answer I understood to essentially state that it does not. At least, it did sound like there ...
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Is nirvana a mere conscious experience, and if so of what kind?

What is nirvana if it is not just a beatific consciousness free from suffering in all meanings? I want to move away from that and the idea of the perfections (both seem slightly off). So there is ...
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What does "has students" and "has teacher" mean in this sutta?

In this question, we found the metaphorical use of the term "the world", different from its ordinary everyday meaning. Similarly, the sutta SN 35.151 below talks about living the holy life ...
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What is meant by 'dukkhe loko patiṭṭhito'?

In SN68 Pihitasutta; Kenassu pihito loko, kismiṁ loko patiṭṭhito; Kenassu uḍḍito loko, kenassu parivāritoti. Maccunā pihito loko, dukkhe loko patiṭṭhito; Taṇhāya uḍḍito loko, jarāya parivāritoti. ...
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