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What are the best question-and-answer sequences on Buddhism?

If you would like to, suggest the -- let's say 10 -- best core question-and-answer sequences on this site ... which you would select to present (maybe for a tiny book "BSE and beyond - teachings on ...
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Sources for the Whole Tipitaka

q: Can someone name the books in the shelf of Yuttadhammo in his videos or all the books in the Tipitaka and sources to get them in English? or at least what has been translated to english?
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Authentic resources to learn about Buddha's Dharma [duplicate]

I was on a project to read bhagvat geeta and understand it's true meaning by myself (since I was baffled by plenty of commentaries done by others). It's 4th adhyaya and I am convinced that this text ...
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Books on Buddhism for Beginners [duplicate]

I'm just starting the study of Buddhism and I'm really interested in the whole philosophy of Buddhism. Can someone please suggest some books for beginners ? Thank you.
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