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Why is the Buddha described as trackless?

In the Dhammapada, within the Buddhavagga section, the Buddha is described as being trackless. By what track can you trace that trackless Buddha of limitless range, whose victory nothing can undo,...
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3 marks of existence: conditioned vs unconditioned things?

The Wikipedia page for "the 3 marks of existence" differentiates between "conditioned things" and "unconditioned things" like so: The three marks are: sabbe saṅkhārā ...
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Is nirvana a conceptual construction?

Is nirvana a conceptual construction - empty in that way? For any / only some Buddhists. I'm just trying to figure out how extinction can avoid the extremes of eternalism and annihilation. If it is a ...
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When is it love? When is it attachment?

I have this misunderstanding about love and attachment as they relate to one another. It's hard to put in words, so I'll try with some examples first. My understanding is that love is something you ...
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What is happiness?

Please don't tell book answer Please don't tell Buddhist explain Please give answers from your true experience Buying car is happiness ? Buying bike is happiness ? Buying home is happiness? Achieving ...
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Is nirvana just a checkpoint in an eternal journey?

Life in this world has been amazing. I was amazed by this world growing up travelling to amazing places seeing hills, mountains and what not. Then the tech boom that got me addicted. And the amazing ...
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Does enlightenment in all teachings amount to a progressively deeper realisation that I am already enlightened?

So e.g. kensho is usually thought of as beginning realisation in zazen, and is into our true nature as Buddhas. Does enlightenment in all teachings amount to a progressively deeper realisation that I ...
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Should there be a balance between sinful acts and virtuous acts in life?

From Buddhist perspective, should a balance be maintained between sinful acts and merits by a virtuous person? if a virtuous person meditates for quite a number of hours during a day, and accumulates ...
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What is the meaning of 'compounded' & 'uncompounded'?

Some texts speak of 'compounded' phenomena etc. What does it mean for something to be 'compounded' or 'uncompounded'? For the former, does it just mean 'things that are composed of other things, ...
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Can you explain "Wishlessness" (one of the Three Doors of Liberation)?

I am particularly interested in the relation between Wishlessness and Love. As far as I understand Wishlessness means that there is no suffering or ignorance as such. I'm mainly guiding myself by this ...
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How buddhists see/deal with Gaslighting?

I've had my share of gaslighting and have given it as well. To me there's this sort of limbo situation, where the undefinition is the abuse, where a person has the underlying feeling that something is ...
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Disconnected instead of detached

I practice mindfulness and meditation for a few years, since I took a 10 week mindfulness course. In some periods more intensely (daily), some periods (weeks) not. Recently increased the intensity by ...
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Are Habits a Kind of Attachment?

Some questions have already touched the nature of habits, namely in the sense of good habits or their benefits. This answer explains how attachment occur from a repeated desire to engage in the ...
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Where does the Buddha say, There is no happiness without calm?

Where in the canon does the Buddha say, There is no happiness without calm? I've heard the statement only second hand, and paraphrased.
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if the self is an illusion what is the point of self respect?

I am trying my best to digest the concept of the non-self but each time it hits a fundumental question, that i can't stop thinking of. If the self is an illusion, what is the point of self awerness ...
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