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Did the Buddha believe in rebirth and reincarnation? [duplicate]

The Buddha didn't believe in a Supreme Being, or a universal soul. The Buddha didn't even believe in a soul. Then how could he preach rebirth and reincarnation when he didn't even believe in a soul? ...
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What is the best strategy to confront Non-Buddhist ideology?

I am sure everybody in this world thinks that 'my religion is the only true religion' etc and its variables. As we live in a diverse society, in today's age of information we invariably bump into ...
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Is rebirth essential to Buddhist philosophy?

Elements of Buddhism can be rationally accepted such as the suffering that arises through attachment, the benefits of meditation, and even the acceptance of anatta, or non-self. It seems, however, ...
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Learning materials for Dependent Origination (Paṭiccasamuppāda) in Theravada Buddhism

I am listening through the talks and guided meditations from the retreat at Amaravati Just One More: Dependent Origination and the Cycles of Addiction Retreat, where there are a number of references ...
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Is rebirth/reincarnation central to Buddhism?

Would you characterize belief in rebirth as a central component of Buddhism? Are there Buddhists who do not believe in it? How is this concept understood, i.e., what does rebirth mean (in as much ...
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Pro's and cons of Buddhist books

What would a perfect book about Buddhism look like? Between translations of ancient texts... most of which are deep but rather obscure... and modern books by Theravada, Zen, and Vajrayana teachers... ...
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Is the Karma theory an essential component of Buddha's teaching?

Stephen Batchelor claims in several speeches and books that Buddha never said the Karma and rebirth theory was true, it is not important to Buddha's teachings, and when he was a Gelug monk and asked ...
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(Why) did the Buddha teach rebirth?

Was rebirth introduced in the First or Second Turnings, and why did the Buddha teach it? E.g. was it necessary to understand emptiness, causality, etc.? For example, I imagine that some "reasons why" ...
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Last thought before death?

I read somewhere (perhaps in an unreliable introduction to Tibetan beliefs) that rebirth is conditioned by the last thought before death (or perhaps affected by a thought or desire that you have after ...
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Why do Buddhists believe in reincarnation?

What makes a person believe in the idea of reincarnation? It can’t be “because the books/teachers say so”, given the Buddhist ideology of “come and see by yourself”
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Parinibbāna in secular Buddhism

I take it that an important claim of secular Buddhism is that the Buddha never actually taught literal rebirth. What happens during parinibbāna according to secular Buddhism? How is it different from ...
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How is the doctrine of no-self compatible with reincarnation?

The term anattā (Pali) or anātman (Sanskrit) refers to the doctrine of "non-self", that there is no unchanging, permanent soul in living beings. If this is the case, then what exactly is being ...
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Consciousness, death and reincarnation

First of all, I'd like to say I'm a scientist. This means fact will always come before faith, even if it hurts. In general, one's opinion doesn't mean much if the question itself has no meaning, but ...
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Why don't some buddhists believe in karma and rebirth?

According to MN 60 and other suttas, believing in karma and afterlife is right view and believing that there is no karma and afterlife is unskillful and a wrong view because there is actually karma ...
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In Relation to Rebirth After Death, How is Karma any Different than Supernatural gods?

My questions are: How is karma any different more believable than supernatural gods passing judgement when we are talking about rebirth after the point of death - rebirth being inextricably linked to ...
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