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Can being a vegetarian actually be a temporary hindrance for some?

I am Buddhist, but not a strict vegetarian. When new acquaintances discover this they are often shocked and wonder, "How can this be??!!" I'm going to try and explain my answer and see what ...
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What's the Buddhist take on not liking people?

No matter how many retreats or how much I meditate and try to practice metta etc people mostly just irritate me. I just feel happier alone like a hermit in a natural setting. I hate living in a ...
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How do you balance your desire for liberation with your wordly desires?

I'm in a strange situation right now (weird for me, at least). These past few days have been intense days of reflection on the Dhamma, which generated two effects at the same time in my overall life: ...
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How to deal with our aversions & judgements?

There’s one issue that seems to be very divisive in my conversations. And I realize that it is because of me and my own aversion & anxiety. I have done drugs. But one drug that always bothered me ...
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How do you talk to someone whose loved one is dying?

What can you say to someone whose loved one (e.g. spouse or parent) is dying? Assume if you can that in the West, e.g. Europe and America, although people (strangers) might have heard the first thing ...
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Nature of Aversion

I was reading this answer, in which an essay is cited. In this essay, Freedom From Fear, an example is given of a hunted deer which experiences anger, and thus aversion. In contrast, the desire to ...
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Psychology of 'flow'

I guess (perhaps I'm wrong) that humans and life in general tend toward homeostatis -- i.e. wanting to stay the same as before -- and not just physically but socially and mentally too, e.g. to keep ...
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Dealing with Contempt and Social Comparison

I have been experiencing greater calm lately, yet at some moments I seem to judge others, as in public places or in general. I understand this as contempt, though I don't really believe it; I don't ...
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What's the (mental) quality different between aversive leaving (vi-bhava) and renouncing (nekkhamma)?

Whats the different between leaving, abounding, letting go, push away, say out of aversion, anger, and renouncing? Both seems to be combined with tanha (thirst), yet one is called ku-sala (bad-...
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Could Lobha(craving) and Dosa(aversion) be working in tandem?

Is wishing for a pain to go away an instance of aversion(Dosa) or an instance of craving(Lobha)? Or both working in tandem? ex: leg pain while doing sitting meditation. Aversion is obvious, if the ...
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