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The Cula-suññata Sutta - Pali Canon and emptiness [duplicate]

I've closed the question. No need to answer It's a sore and sensitive subject, emptiness. The Cula-suññata Sutta: The Lesser Discourse on Emptiness. What else is there in the Pali canon that has a ...
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What do you wish you knew when you started down the path of buddhism?

This stack exchange actually lead me towards the path of finding a lama and becoming a Buddhist. Thank You! This got me thinking, what would you tell sentient beings new to the path of Buddhism? Is ...
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Logic of Emptiness still unconvincing. Please help explain

I've been a practitioner of Vipassana and Mahamudra for 2 years now. One thing quite bothering me is various explanations from different teachers on emptiness logically disturbing... Usually, it goes ...
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Are there different types of emptiness (Śūnyatā)?

Even though emptiness (Śūnyatā) seems like it should just be one thing (concept/experinece/realisation) does it in fact have different types? Can it be categorised in any way? I know Buddhism is very ...
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Have any Buddhist thinkers responded to the critique of the Brahma Sutras?

By far the most popular school of Hindu philosophy, which almost all Hindus nowadays belong to, is the Vedanta school, which is based on an ancient Hindu work called the Brahma Sutras or Vedanta ...
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Theravada and Mahayana - The Crucial Differences

I struggle with the idea that Buddhism has two warring schools and wonder why they cannot make peace. What are the issues on which Theravada and Mahayana cannot agree? Just bullet points would be ...
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What is papañca?

One word in Pali Canon seems to be especially challenging for translators to convey. This word is "papañca" (e.g. MN18, DN21, Sn 4.11, AN4.173). Some attempts at translating papañca include "...
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The thorny issue of anatta

(English is not my mother tongue, sorry in advance if I make mistakes) I recently read Thanissaro Bhikkhu's writings [1] [2] on anatta and although I found his arguments persuasive I am still ...
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What exactly is svabhava?

What exactly is svabhāva in Nagarjuna's Madhyamaka? It is translated as inherent nature or inherent existence or inherent substance. But what does that really mean? Does it carry the same meaning as ...
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The emptiness of nirvana

Maybe a strange question, but I wonder if emptiness (sunyatta) is also a characteristic of the state of nirvana?
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Parinibbāna in secular Buddhism

I take it that an important claim of secular Buddhism is that the Buddha never actually taught literal rebirth. What happens during parinibbāna according to secular Buddhism? How is it different from ...
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Is it possible and good to know and/or talk about other/more details about the way out of suffering than the Buddha did?

(One of the reasons for asking this question is that I thought that maybe some people needed some extra/other knowledge/insight in order for the Noble Eightfold Path to become more accessible to them.)...
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Are all forms of Dukkha related to a sense of self?

A few days ago I started reading books about Paticcasamuppada because I realized how little and shallow was my understanding on this capital matter. Despite getting the gist of it, I still have ...
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What is tathata?

Tathata has been described as the ultimate goal of Buddhism. What is tathata? What is the closest thing we experience in everyday life close to tathata? How can we attain knowledge of tathata?
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How do the concepts of anatta, rebirth and karma coexist together?

Although I have read quite a lot of books about Buddhism, almost all of them were meant for the Western layman so I consider myself to be a beginner compared to most of you here. I hope you can ...
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