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Buddhism broke up my marriage

The title is provocative but sums up my problem: when I am immersed in Buddhist thought, I can no longer love my wife. Buddhism clearly contradicts romantic love. It tolerates it up to a certain ...
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The Buddha was male, so was he an "alpha male"?

The Buddha was male, so was he an "alpha male"? It's a facetious question. Are Buddhas e.g. submissive and androgynous? I am asking because 'alpha male' is a recurring idea in Western ...
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When would a Buddhist want to attach?

I understand that Buddhism is meant to end sufferings. The Buddhists welcome everything and don't clinging when it's gone. They don't necessary cut existing attachments (knowledge, relationships), but ...
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What are the correct "transformation targets" for greed (lobha), hate (dosa) and delusion (moha)?

By "transformation target" I mean ... When you hold this compulsion in spacious non judgmental awareness, investigate it and tease it apart into (1) that which is unskillful and (2) that ...
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Buddha is a God or different God's level misconception in Buddhism System

Subject refers, many people from other religions might think Buddha is a God or Buddhist is serving the lord of Buddhism (God alike) whom is the Buddha. This is creating discomfort feeling from them, ...
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How to reconcile the "right view" in the Noble Eightfold path with Snp 4.5?

The Four Noble Truths include the Noble Eightfold Path which importantly includes “right view” as the first step on that path. However, it is said in Snp 4.5 that a Realized One does not hold any “...
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What reference to other powers are there in Buddhism?

Does Buddhism, other than Amidism, describe or explain entities like Amida, or any other "other power," or intra-psychic, in yer mind, other. I did not mean to consider whether Buddhism is ...
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Swapping around the three Jewels

The Buddha stated in SN 6.2 that he doesn't have a teacher but instead look up to the Dhamma, and in MN22 he states: Bhikkhus, when the gods with Indra, with Brahmā and with Pajāpati seek a ...
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the supreme protector

thig 13.3: “Now please convey my respects to the supreme protector of the world. Circling him to your right, dedicate my religious donation.” In what sense is buddha the supreme protector of the ...
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Must an Arahant stay forever in their place of enlightenment?

Take another case of a mendicant who lives close by a jungle thicket. As they do so, their mindfulness becomes established, their mind becomes immersed in samādhi, their defilements come to an end, ...
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Who should we regard as role models?

When practicing the Dhamma there are many exemplary characters found in Buddhist texts who are worthy of emulation,I want to know whether it would be right for a layman to regard an Arahant Bhikkuni ...
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After the Buddha's enlightenment, did he receive any teachings?

There's not much background to this question. Did the Buddha ever receive a teaching after his enlightenment; a teaching that he accepted and made use of, either his own or another - or perhaps a ...
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can meditation and dharma alone take us to higher levels of consciousness?

I have been practising dharma and meditation now for more than 2 years and i feel a good progress within me. Does these 2 tools dharma and meditation alone can take us through to different levels of ...
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What is the last reward in AN 6:103 ("The Teacher will have been served with goodwill.")?

I'm not sure how to understand the sixth reward, or even who is rewarded. Can someone explain it? (AN 6:103, from, complete sutta quoted below) “In ...
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Tathagata vs disciple: taking the Buddha as Father, Dhamma as Mother

Disciples of the noble ones are supposed to take the Buddha as the role of the Father, and Dhamma as Mother. When a disciple attains full liberation, completes the path to self-enlightenment, becomes ...
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