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Maintaining the stealing precept and my morality regarding free, open and equal accesibiity to knowledge [duplicate]

One of the five precepts is "Abstain from taking that which is not given". I am confused by this right now. Since this does talk about maintaining your sila. I believe that all knowledge should be ...
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Dharma should be free?

Dharma is usually donation-ware. There is a really valuable dharma book that my friend is in no financial condition to buy (it is $100) but he also does not want to download it for free from me. Is ...
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Does using a pdf for sale for free violate the 2nd precept?

So I enjoy Dungeons and Dragons a bunch, and have recently begun trying to follow the first 5 precepts of Buddhism. I'm not a practicing Buddhist, but I think they are a good way to live my life. So I ...
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How to reconcile Buddhist Cosmology with modern worldview, especially astronomy? [closed]

Buddhist scripture describes other worlds (i.e. "The Thirty-one Planes of Existence"), with various kinds of beings who may interact with our human world in varying degrees. Do Buddhists ...
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Things that I have pirated in the past

Ever since I was a kid I have pirated and bought illegal copies of many different kind of media such as music, movies, video games and softwares. Now as an adult do I have to pay for all these ...
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Ethics regarding the sharing of paid Dhamma material

I recently bought this Ayya Khema Ebook Bundle. I bought the bundle for my own interest in the first place but after reading in them I would now like to share them with my friend, who is just ...
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Where is the line drawn with stealing?

It's obvious what stealing is when engaged-in often. You take the stuff of others while under a certain mental state, that mental state being marked and noticeable by an understanding that something ...
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Does the second precept only apply to theft?

Considering the second precept Adinnādānā veramaṇī sikkhāpadaṃ samādiyāmi. which I am most familiar with its translation as I undertake the training rule to abstain from taking what is not ...
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If I download illegal material for my education and if the material is not in my reach in my country, is it still bad karma?

I downloaded a lot of things for 16 years I guess.I now understood this is a form of stealing.And i decided to delete my downloaded content.But some material is not found in my country,or if i order ...
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Breach of second precept

Is copying a Dhamma book in hard copy and converting it into a pdf to read on my kindle a breach of the second precept? I am planning only to read it myself and not give it to anyone. I also thought ...
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Conditions to break a precept

In the commentary it's said, in order to lie, all four conditions must be met: An untrue statement Intention to deceive Effort is made Other deceived by what is said But according to original Vinaya,...
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Is it allowed to quote a Buddhist teaching in a fiction book?

I am writing a romance book. In it one of my character's recites a portion of the Dhammapada. If I publish my book, will I be violating any copyright laws? How would I go about getting permission to ...
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What are the benefits of keeping the lay precepts, if you're not a bodhisattva?

What are the benefits of keeping the lay precepts, if you're not a bodhisattva? I'm asking about doing so in a liberal (no infidelity or drug addictions) and to a conservative (no sex or glass of wine)...
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Bodhisattva Precepts

I've been really into the ethical and moral foundation of buddhism and stumbled onto the precepts. Would it be wrong of me to recite the bodhisattva precepts that I've found online that I identify ...
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