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Are Jataka tales authentic words of the Buddha? [duplicate]

If these stories could be taken to be truly narrated by the Buddha, it gives some interesting twists to the generally understood history of India and Indian philosophy. For example, there are Jataka ...
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Life of Buddha, to be taken seriously?

I've been studying Buddhism for the past few months and part of it entails reading about Siddartha's life story, including his path to enlightenment. What's been confusing to me is whether or not ...
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Is there any truth in the legend about the birth of Siddhartha?

This Life of the Buddha (also mentioned among Wikipedia's Miracles of Gautama Buddha) says, According to the legends about this birth, the baby began to walk seven steps forward and at each step a ...
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How can killing of Muslims by Buddhists in Myanmar be justified? [duplicate]

Considering whatever atrocities Muslims did (I don't know if they did any) or are going to do, is killing Muslims the only solution the Myanmar Buddhists could adopt? Is it wise? Is violence ...
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Did Buddha Return to Extreme Asceticism?

Subject sounds simple, but let me explain why I'm asking. So Gautama joined the ascetic lifestyle and lived it to the most extreme. Then it dawned on him that he would eventually die never finding out ...
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Buddhism and miracles

Do all Buddhists believe that miracles happen in the real world? Are the miracles described in scripture such as the Buddha being able to walk after birth literal or symbolic?
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Does the Buddhas resolve on the night of His Nirvana go against the middle path?

I read here that on the night before the dawn of Buddhas Nirvana, the Buddha made a resolve that; ‘I shall sit under this tree and meditate upon my questions. And I shall not move until I have my ...
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What does Buddha mean with '' to not sacrifice one's life for another' (Dhp 166)?

What did Buddha mean when he told not to sacrifice? Does "sacrifice" mean the same thing as in the Jewish or Christian traditions? Btw: don't feel offended when I compares some things, I'm just ...
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How are the importance of sutras determined?

I assume that there variations of sects within buddhism that deem certain sutras as more "correct" or being closer to the buddha's teaching. I personally see the Lotus sutra as the "true teaching", ...
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Is the Tipitaka considered infallible in Theravada Buddhism?

Would most Theravada monks consider the Tipitaka infallible? For example, would most agree with these statements? All Scripture is... useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in ...
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how do we know about parts of Buddha's life where he was clearly alone?

for example, when he was being tempted by Mara, he said "the Earth bears witness." how do we know this? he was clearly alone, right? no one was there witnessing this to write about it. did Buddha just ...
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Buddha's past lives in the Pali Suttas outside of Jataka

According to this answer for the question "Does Theravada Buddhism accept Jataka Stories?": The Theravada accepts the Jataka stories as commentarial literature; they are not canonical, but are ...
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In what timeframe was Jataka tales added to Kuddaka Nikaya?

I am trying to see whether the presence of certain characters and stories in the Jataka tales can be taken as a proof for them (stories and characters) being known in that form in the time of the ...
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Buddhism and Evolution

I heard an atheist ask this question from a christian and found myself lost in this question as well. Plainly and simply the question is this, How does your religion fit into earth's history? His ...
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Does there exist a historical-critical study ("Higher Criticism") of Buddhists’ texts?

I am in search for some academic work on critical methods to analyze Buddhists’ texts. There exist numerous jātakas and avadānas. Many representations in Buddhist art visualize these legends. E.g. ...
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