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Authentic resources to learn about Buddha's Dharma [duplicate]

I was on a project to read bhagvat geeta and understand it's true meaning by myself (since I was baffled by plenty of commentaries done by others). It's 4th adhyaya and I am convinced that this text ...
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Introductory books to Buddhism

I'm looking for some book(s) that are generally regarded as a good introduction to Buddhism. I know very little about Buddhism, having only read one book on it so far (What Makes You Not a Buddhist by ...
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Any authentic sutta from any tradition that gives guidance on what kind of partner to choose?

Any authentic sutta or part of sutta from any tradition that gives guidance on what kind of sexual relationship partner to choose? I'm thinking the Vimalikirti sutra should say something about such ...
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I feel like I'm in the wrong place

I feel like I was born in the wrong place and I'm surrounded by wrong people, ideals etc. I'm very much into buddhism, but with all the things I learned until now, that I'm 23 in Germany, I feel ...
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How to avoid apathy in the absence of self?

I have noticed in my meditation / mindfulness practice the following: as the idea of self dissolves, the ideas of compassion, happiness, sorrow, and basically everything that a "person" might ...
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Pro's and cons of Buddhist books

What would a perfect book about Buddhism look like? Between translations of ancient texts... most of which are deep but rather obscure... and modern books by Theravada, Zen, and Vajrayana teachers... ...
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Buddhist monks give advice for lay life

Would you say that it is appropriate for a monk to give advice to the laity in how to live life/dealing with obstacles? Now don't get me wrong, but monks certainly have "safer" environments. They are ...
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List of Buddhist podcast recommendations

This is in the spirit of this (previously requested) List of book recommendations Books are wonderful for learning (and audio books are great travel partners/work listening), but I wondered if those ...
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As a Buddhist, is it right to say that anything about Buddhism is right?

As a Buddhist, is it right to say that anything about Buddhism is right? If it is not right to say so, how right or wrong is it to assume that? Myself as a "traditional Buddhist" from Myanmar, I ...
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Buddhavamsa and the 29 Buddhas

I’m trying to find the truth behind religious movements, for so far possible of course. I admit, it’s with a selfish goal, but it’s important for me. I want to find my way in Life and try to ...
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Feeling of unbecoming & losing I-hood

There is an entity called Rohit (knowing subject) who has his own liking, disliking, habits etc. Or maybe these liking, disliking, habits etc make up the entity called Rohit. By constant awareness ...
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Where is the most concrete exposition on the Buddhist ethics in the source material?

In the Bible a complex saga of the human experience is elaborated in a multitude of ways, and these nuances make the text hard to crack in a linear reading. However, there exists a very illuminating ...
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Is practice of Vedanta a prelude to practice of Buddhism?

Prince Siddharta was schooled in Vedanta, which was the predominant philosophy prevailing in India 2500 yrs ago. Majority of Buddhists today seem to have ignored the study of Vedanta and dived into ...
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How to reconcile non-attachment in a Type-A, North American culture where work is life?

I've been meditating on-and-off for years. However, the non-attachment preached by the Buddha conflicts with the environment around me. I'm in a large urban center in North America. Achievement is ...
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The concept of being the part of the universe

Very respectfully,i am very much new to this community but have always been interested in Buddhism. I know some people who are Buddhist and they often talk about being one with the universe or being ...
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