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What does,'I establish mindfulness in front of me' mean? [duplicate]

This phrase 'I establish mindfulness in front of me' appears many times in Suttas ( . What does 'in front of me' mean here. I can understand if it would have ...
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Any advice on leg numbing during sitting?

It happens at about 20 minutes every time lately... either in half lotus (a traditional position that I would like to honor), or with one leg laying in front of the other, or Indian style... doesn't ...
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Mindfulness in Everyday Activity

I have been practicing meditation, reading and listening to Buddhist teachings and I undertake the five precepts for about year now. This is the first time that I actually ask a question about my ...
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Is yoga an acceptable form of meditation for a practicing Buddhist?

Yoga is a form of mediation which involves physical exertions as well as inward examination. Is this an acceptable form of meditation for a Buddhist? Are there any sects of Buddhism which focus on ...
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Is watching the heart beat (instead of watching the breath) a known form of meditation?

In Anapana there is no regulation of the breath. As I understood it, it's meant not to control your breath while meditating, but just let flow. Sometimes it's difficult for me not to control it, so I ...
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Ajahn Brahm versus others

I am practicing samadhi meditation using the breath as an object. Most teachers say to watch the breath at the tip of the nose. However, Ajahn Brahm says not to locate the breath anywhere. I find ...
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Is Anapanasati considered Samatha?

I'm new to Buddhism, and I have some trouble understanding some core aspects on meditation. Is Anapanasati considered Samatha or Vipassana?
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Doubting the quick attainments of the Mahasi Tradition

I have noticed that a lot of Mahasi practitioners seem to reach sotopanna very quickly. What is the difference from other methods of Buddhist Meditation and the Mahasi Method, relative to the apparent ...
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Please help me to better understand the simile of the turner for the first part of the anapanasati instructions

Can anyone post a video of what a "bhamakāro" from ancient India would be doing? If not, can anyone explain very clearly what we are talking about in terms of the tool that would have been ...
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Does knowing Pali/Sanskrit (and to which level) give one more insights while reading Buddhist scripts?

I think we all have experienced with our own native languages how works written a while back can have different words for the same meaning or the other way round. Also that words get lost in ...
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Is it not recommended to change the object of meditation during a short session?

Sometimes I tend to switch my attention from the nostrils to the "up and down" of the chest/stomach It depends on how well I'm breathing (I have serious problem with the nostrils, it can only be 100% ...
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Shamata - attention on upper lip, diaphragm or belly?

A very interesting discussion here on SE on breathing focus made me a bit confused. Allan Wallace says in the beginning focus on belly, then when you get better at it, diaphragm, then nostril/upper ...
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What does pari-mukha mean in 16 APS anapana sati? excerpt: Translation (from pali) I've chosen the literal translation of near-the-mouth. In Theravada Pali ...
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Where should the eye be oriented during Vipassana (Anapanasati)?

Here is a general meditation technique of Anapanasati where one concentrates on the breath. My question is during this meditation where should the eye turned. Should they look up, or straight normally ...
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Shambhawi mudra and Buddhism

Do Buddhists use the Shambhawi mudra ? What kind of tradition use it and for which purpose? (if possible with some references)
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