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Secular Buddhism and Suicide

I have a limited understanding of Buddhism, but let me first explain my perspective. More traditionally, Buddhism is concerned with achieving enlightenment and ending the rebirth process. From a more ...
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If there's no "self" then why should I care about the future lives and nirvana?

English is my second language. If there's no "self', and "I am" is just a "flow" or "mix" of information (dharma, karma, etc.); and if, when I die, "I" (body, illusory self, soul) will die but this ...
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Can a stream enterer commit suicide?

There was an incident in the 50s, a monk named Ñāṇavīra Thera commited suicide, he was believed to be a stream enterer and was suffering from amoebiasis. So I'm curious to know, if someone knows for ...
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Why is life so important?

When asking around, I've never heard anyone agree that a young, healthy person should end their life by suicide. But I also don't know what reason there is for that consensus. Did Buddha teach ...
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Impermanence, nonexistance of self, meaning of life

I've been learning lately about Buddhism and I have several questions about it. I haven't actually read any of the sacred books, just some stuff on the internet and now I'm reading What Makes You Not ...
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Is suicide similar to Nibbana?

I read a comment on this forum, which said: why do you even need to work hard attain Nibbana? Why not just commit suicide when things get tough? This comment gives me the impression the writer ...
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Buddhism on suicide

I want to know how suicide is viewed in Buddhism. I know that it is not viewed positively, but I want to know why. Is it because it brings grief to others? Is that the only reason? Or there is ...
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Suttas where Buddha taught laypeople after heaven they will be reborn in hell?

In AN 4.123, it is reported the Buddha taught monks if a person clings to the heaven of jhana they will end up in hell, as follows: Monks, there are these four types of individuals to be found ...
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Justifying the Four Noble Truths without rebirth [duplicate]

In the article entitled A Secular Evaluation of Rebirth, Doug Smith, of the Secular Buddhist Association, wrote: It is for reasons such as these that any contemporary, scientifically informed ...
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"Idea of reincarnation(rebirth) is due to craving for existence"

"Idea of reincarnation(rebirth) is due to craving for existence" I'd like to listen to your opinion about this.
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Why do secular Buddhists not commit suicide? [duplicate]

In Thailand, there was a very famous monk who was chosen to represent Thailand in 1954 at the 6th Buddhist council in Burma who did not believe in rebirth (and who many Thai puthujjana considered to ...
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