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Introductory books to Buddhism

I'm looking for some book(s) that are generally regarded as a good introduction to Buddhism. I know very little about Buddhism, having only read one book on it so far (What Makes You Not a Buddhist by ...
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Chronological or other sequence for beginners

At least one of the "introductions to Buddhism" that I read included elements from, some biography of, the life of the Buddha, including: Early life Searching for enlightenment Sermon at Benares (a.k....
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Which is the Buddhist holy book? Where can it be read?

Is there a holy book for buddhists as the Bible is for Jews and Christians and Quran for Muslims? Is that the Tipitaka? A book where you can find all the teachings of Buddhism, and how to behave, ...
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Recommendation - Book for beginner

I am interested in knowing more about Buddhism especially the pursuit of happiness. Which book would you recommend me for introducing me to Buddhism philosophy on this subject?
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How to Study the Suttas?

I practice the Theravada tradition. There are a lot of suttas, and I don't know how to go about studying them. Can I please get some pointers or guidelines on how I can study them? For example, which ...
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English (or other European) translations of Pali Canon

Perhaps this should be closed as a 'shopping' question, but maybe translations take a long time to make and therefore there are not too many of them, and they don't go out of date quickly. The ...
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Getting Started

How do I get started on my journey to become Buddhist? I'm familiar with the basics and really connect with the teachings I know of so far on a personal level. I need some guidance as to what I should ...
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As a Buddhist, is it right to say that anything about Buddhism is right?

As a Buddhist, is it right to say that anything about Buddhism is right? If it is not right to say so, how right or wrong is it to assume that? Myself as a "traditional Buddhist" from Myanmar, I ...
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Thought arising

I often hear it being said that with meditation/mindfulness we observe the thoughts and feelings coming and going but I'm not sure if this is a clear explanation of what occurs because in my ...
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Starting buddhism in the Theravada tradition

I am not entirely new to Buddhism, but I am new to it from a perspective of an academic path. I have an academic background in another field (Ph.d level) and where I live there is zero buddhists ...
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Advices on start practicing

I've read an introductory book written by Hsing Yun, about humanistic budhism. I meditate every day, and now I feel like taking the next step in my journey. I don't know people who practice budhism, ...
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