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Can anyone explain non-self or Anatta of Buddhism in simple terms with example? [duplicate]

Recently I got to know about 'Non-Self' or Anatta term but online material was not comprehendible. Below are my questions: 1) Can anyone explain it in simple terms with example? 2) If there's no ...
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If anatta is a reality, then how do you explain Volition or Will?

I'm just trying to understand the concept of anatta better here. Buddhism tells me there is the concept of no-self (anatta), and even the so called conditional self is actually an illusion that arises ...
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Can a non-Buddhist get Nirvana?

No religion teaches what Buddhism teaches at its core. A true Hindu or Christian or Muslim believes in God and soul. Can a Hindu or a Christian or a Muslim, who is not aware of Buddhist philosophy, ...
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Why is "I have no self" a wrong view?

In the Sabbasava Sutta (MN2), the view that "I have no self" is listed as one of the six wrong views and one who holds this view will not be freed from suffering. Questions: Why is "I have no self" ...
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Can one follow Hinduism and Buddhism at the same time?

I am born Hindu and have been following Buddhism for more than a year. The change has been a life changing experience but now I find myself at the junction of two religions. I sometimes face ...
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Learning materials for Dependent Origination (Paṭiccasamuppāda) in Theravada Buddhism

I am listening through the talks and guided meditations from the retreat at Amaravati Just One More: Dependent Origination and the Cycles of Addiction Retreat, where there are a number of references ...
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Who am I- according to Buddhism

What does Buddha say about the question,"Who am I"? Our body and mind perishes with time. If so then who actually attains the Truth?
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Is Nibbana a state of mind or an element (dhamma)?

I have four parts of this question, Is Nibbana a state of mind or a dhamma? If Nibbana is a state of mind, is it merely the uprooting of craving? If the answer for the second question is "Yes", then ...
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What are the three marks of existence?

What are the three marks of existence and where are they found in the canon? Is there any fundamental differences in interpretation among the different traditions?
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If there is no self what or who is it that gets enlightened?

From reading this answer I come to understand that anatta means the lack of a core that can be conceived as self. If there is no permanent self, then who or what gets enlightened?
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Can you explain how cessation of existence is known to be possible?

People from other sects may argue against Buddhism on the following grounds. I invite the community of BSE to explain by reasoning or analogy how cessation of existence, which is known as the Nibbana-...
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Someone told me Buddha copied almost everything from Brahmanism, how accurate is that?

I am fairly new to the Dhamma and this site specifically. I was told by an Indian person that dyana (meditation) was a part of a yoga system which became zen in china, dharma became dhamma, most of ...
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Understanding anatta via "there are no computer programs" analogy

I tried to find an analogy that would help me to understand anatta: Just as we can say "there is no self" (there are just mental aggregates interacting with each other and eventually causing some ...
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Meaning of "Body is emptiness, emptiness is body"

In the Heart Sutra, Avalokiteshvara says to Sariputra this Body itself is Emptiness and Emptiness itself is this Body. This Body is not other than Emptiness and Emptiness is not other than this ...
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Soul and Self in buddhism

I've heard a lot of questions like, "who is there to enlighten if there is no self?" Is that kind of question based on ignorance on the difference between Soul and Self? Or does Buddhism deny the ...
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