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What is the difference between mindfulness and detachment?

From Mindfulness: Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment, which one can develop through the practice of meditation and ...
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Which Buddhists denominations agree with the difference between pain and suffering as in many DBT texts? Which disagree?

'Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.' I'm not sure I like the adjective 'optional' because I think it's insensitive to tell someone who's been injured that their suffering is some switch to ...
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Could unwholesome craving cause the wholesome desire for enlightenment?

From this question, we see answers stating that one has the wholesome desire for enlightenment, and not craving for enlightenment. In this question, we read about the difference between desire (chanda)...
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Regarding Nicca and Anicca natures of Avidya and Prajna

If Tanha (Craving) is caused by Avidya (Ignorance), and Avidya is originated and sustained by Tanha, then the origination of Avidya is part of a recursive cycle with no beginning. Yet Prajna (Wisdom) (...
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What are the points against social engagement?

Last year, I applied for the Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) Tech Visa in the UK. From the two criteria: "prove at least 2 innovations in tech" and "demonstrate how your engagement with the community ...
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Why can't existence be mostly good?

My question has to do with existence itself. We all know there is suffering in life and that it is due to the fact that fenomena is ever changing, so any state (good or bad) is conditionated and will ...
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What is the cause of suffering in Buddhism, is it wanting, craving, attachment, or something else?

I've looked at other responses on Buddhism exchange and googled it too, and I'm still confused about the cause of suffering. Is there one root cause? Multiple causes? Or does Buddhism claim not to ...
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The World and Five Aggregates of Clinging

As I've heard, the "world" referred by Buddha (mentioned in the Loka Sutta and in Samyutta Nikaya - 4 -> LokaSamudaya Sutta) is the same as "Five Aggregates of Clinging" (Five-Updana-Skandas). That's ...
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