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Is it possible to adhere to the practices and beliefs of both Buddhist and Christianity?

What are the similarities and contrasts between Buddhism and Christianity? To what extent do they make it possible (or not) to practice in and hold the beliefs of both?
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How should I stop thinking that I am even slightly enlightened?

I don't know how else to phrase this question, but please advise. I have this constant irritating feeling that I am kind of enlightened. It is confusing. I don't really know if it is my ego which is ...
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Saving the stink bug

Real question (this happened today). Imagine you're meditating by the fireplace. Outside is cold winter with snow. You have achieved a nice level of concentration, and suddenly you see a stink bug ...
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How can I escape the suffering of losing my father?

One day my father will leave me. I love him a lot. It will cause suffering when he leaves. How can I escape the suffering of losing my father?
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Law of attraction to reach enlightenment?

This may be a crazy question. But just out of curiosity when we do law of attraction method they say that we can attract money, success or something. Can we attract enlightenment like that??? So in ...
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What meditation is best to learn to "control" your mind?

I want to learn to in a sense control my mind. By this i mean focus on the thoughts and mindsets that are beneficial. And not focus on the harmful, negative thoughts. I always believe that we are who ...
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Suffering more in order to feel less suffering? Living with suffering?

I have been reflecting on suffering and it seems to me that, since everyone is suffering and yet most people around me seem happy and contented, there is a way to live "happily" despite suffering that ...
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Willpower in Buddhism

I don't see any other questions, in the suggestions of the site, linked with this precise topic. What is the equivalent of "willpower" in Buddhism? How is it developped? Thank you.
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How does one get closer to Buddha?

Buddha being one of the three jewels, how am I supposed to take refuge in him? Is it through meditation? The only meditation I know is 'mindfulness', and I think that it isn't enough. That being so so,...
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What are the differences between sex cults and the tantric tradition?

What is the difference between sex cults, and the tantric tradition? I understand that the latter has a lot of tradition and ritual behind it And while there is a strict monastic code, I imagine, in ...
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Complexities of karma accounting

It is of certain interest to me how does buddhism view the mechanics of karma accounting. By accounting I mean the weighing of intentions and outcomes and adjustment of the karmic ledger of the ...
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What are the soteriological aims of different traditions?

From this answer ... I would suggest dropping this line of inquiry or at least treading very carefully as you seem quite confused about what is being taught by the differing traditions and their ...
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Escape the suffering?

if believe we can escape the suffering of this world and the limits of our material existence by observing and practicing a set of practices. for Christian, we know that the way of “escape” is only ...
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Is Nirvana the goal, for Zen and Theravada?

What is the main goal for Theravada Buddhism and Zen Buddhism? Is it Nirvana for both or is there any additional differences? Can the answer be detailed because this is an assignment and I am trying ...
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Is "no-self" or "self" the more secure bet, e.g. for householders?

While Nihilism and the Uposatha of the Jains lead to no prosperity at all (and is said to stand far from the Path), the Uposatha of the cowherds (cow-boys) is said to have still chances (that seems at ...
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