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How does human will fit with Pratītyasamutpāda?

On Tevijjavacchagotta Sutta the Buddha said that in the last ninety-one aeons, no fatalist who denies the power of volitional acts, has ever gone to heaven, except one, who happened to follow the ...
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Feelings and kamma and sankhara , am I bound for the rest of my life

Are my painful feelings, that I feel now, result of my past kamma (I have for a long period felt extremely painful feelings which I couldn't stop and therefore I am helpless and trapped by them)? Or ...
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What is the proper translation of 'sabbe saṅkhārā aniccā'?

In this excellent answer giving an in depth explanation of the various uses of sankhata in various suttas, the first usage is explained as 'conditioned things' based upon the famous phrase, "...
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When would a Buddhist want to attach?

I understand that Buddhism is meant to end sufferings. The Buddhists welcome everything and don't clinging when it's gone. They don't necessary cut existing attachments (knowledge, relationships), but ...
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Who is responsible for making sankharas impermanent?

Sabbe Sankhara Anicca. But it is not clear why all Sankhara are impermanent? Can I ask ,who is responsible for making all Sankhara impermanent? Are we responsible for making the Sankhara impermanent? ...
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Did the Buddha invent any words?

A person told me that the Buddha coined certain words as part of his teachings. I don't remember which words, but perhaps "samadhi" was one of them. Is there any evidence the Buddha invented ...
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How does one practice suffering well?

Correct me if I'm wrong, I understand a lot of buddhism is about relieving of suffering through practicing of detachment. Removing detachment is a long process. Until one removes those attachments, ...
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What does Buddhism say about the "self"?

Looking at the Noble Eightfold Path led me to the non-self: that no unchanging, permanent self or essence can be found in any phenomenon. But while I agree that in the grand scheme of things there ...
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Kamma and sankharas

Can kamma and sankharas be considered as synonyms? And if not, which are the differences between both? Which is the relationship between them?
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Are we waiting for a disaster to happen?

Buddha says all sanskars are annicca. If harmony is a sanskar then disharmony is waiting to happen. Therefore my question is are we waiting for disaster to happen ?
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is merit just ok (not great)?

In the sutra it says: “And what is the cause by which effluents come into play? Ignorance is the cause by which effluents come into play. … “And what is the result of effluents? One who is immersed ...
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What is difference between sankhara and kilesa (defilement)

Are they same? What is the relation between kilesa and sankhara? Is it that, kilesa are tendency to build new sankhara? Which gets cleared first?
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Do all conditioned things arise from ignorance?

A new friend said: If wisdom is not permanent, then it is conditioned. But all conditioned things arise from ignorance. How can ignorance be ended by something borne of ignorance? Do all ...
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How does one practice mindfulness during thinking? (for example, thinking about how to solve a problem) [duplicate]

This question is in context of practicing mindfulness in one's day-to-day activities (e.g. walking, talking, washing dishes etc.), where one is supposed to be "aware of" / "observe"...
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What is the meaning of the word Sankhara? [duplicate]

In the quote " Sabbe Sankhara Anicca", what is the meaning of word Sankhara? Is the word "Sankhara" derived from Sanskrit word "Sanskara"?
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