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Question about Buddhism [duplicate]

How would you describe the Buddhist world view. Is it realism where everything we observe is really existing out there in a public world and we are observing it or some sort of idealism whereby ...
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If matter is just an illusion what is the source of it

If whatever we see and feel in the 3-D world is just an illusion created by our minds and every matter, even an atom, is related to each other (interrelated); what is the origin of it? Since ...
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Do Cittamatra / Yogacara explicitly refute the existence of an external world?

Tibetan texts that belong to the genre of tenets (doctrinal classification) usually claim that the Cittamatra school refutes external existence. These texts further claim that Cittamatrin posit that '...
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Is Yogacara Buddhism still practiced today?

Is Yogacara Buddhism practiced today or is it an entirely dead school of Buddhist thought. If it is no longer in existence did it have any influence in Buddhist schools that are around today? For ...
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What are other peoples minds according to the Laṅkāvatāra Sūtra?

I read that everything is just my own mind from the Laṅkāvatāra Sūtra. If everything is my own mind, what about other peoples minds? Are they also my own mind? How can this be understood? For ...
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Why wasn't the Buddha a solipsist?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking because I consider myself a great person etc., Chakravartin, but why didn't the Buddha take solipsism seriously, perhaps before his complete enlightenment? If he's ...
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How do Mahayana Buddhists perceive the world?

One Mahayana Buddhist said, "we act as if each person has his or her own consciousness, sensation, and thoughts." Does everyone Mahayana Buddhist believe that he lives in a world in which ...
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The Account of Other Minds in Chinese Yogācāra Buddhism "POM1: Presume that other minds can be perceived. Then, they shall be like external forms and have no real existence. POM2: ...
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Do the texts of Mahayana Buddhism or those of any other school posit that everything is to be regarded as ideation? (Idealism)

Does Mahayana Buddhism or any other school of Buddhism posit the idea that the physical world does not exist apart from an observer's frame of reference, as in everything exists only in the mind as ...
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Do Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana teach any form of solipsism? [duplicate] Buddhism is sometimes compared to solipsism. Discussions on this topic can be found on the Internet. I do not understand why Buddhism is ...
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