Where can I find chanting or music, inspired by Buddhism?

I would like to have this for my MP3 player so I can remember to practice when not "on the cushion" (cost-free or not, chanting or any type of music inspired by Buddhism, helping us to come back to ourselves or inspiring us to practice, to understand, etc.)

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I found a couple of videos for you that you might like:


Hi there's an app on Google Play that I downloaded with..i use it a lot.It's not very musical though because it's just a monk chanting with no back ground music.


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beautiful chant of the Dhammacakka Sutta by a 3 year old who was a buddhist monk in one of his lifes.


the story about the boy


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Check out this Buddha-name Chanting instruction page which listed some very calming and peaceful chanting music.

You can follow the music to chant together in vocal, or chant silently by heart. Either way, as you practice it on everyday basis, you may gradually experience a deep sense of concentration and a pure mind.

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