I'm looking for videos with Dharma talks and am hoping that the community here can help me. Grateful for any links to online talks and DVD recommendations.

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Yuttadhammo, one of the moderators on this site has done a lot of youtube videos that people find very useful and you might too. All freely available.


Here are some links you might find useful:


Answering my own question here, these are the major places i know of for the Plum Village (Thich Nhat Hanh) tradition:

Also in the same tradition there are these:

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PS Please edit if you know of more video resources for the PV/TNH tradition


The American Zen College has a bunch of Dharma Talks videos posted up on YouTube:



Also Ven. Bodhi's Middle Length lecture series at: http://www.noblepath.org/audio.html


Highly recommend For The Benefit of All Beings, a film about Garchen Rinpoche


May all paths lead you to the great love.


Google video search or Youtube search: "Ask a monk" OR "Monk Radio" OR Yuttadhammo...life changing and very in harmony with the Buddha's teaching


The "right" teacher depends on who's style and teaching you jive with.

My favorite is from the Thai Forest Tradition -- Ajahn Thanissaro

There is no fluff or BS with Ajahn Thanissaro. He calls it like it is, and challenges listeners to deeply question their practice. I appreciate this approach.

He is a westerner, studied for 20+ years in Thailand. He has videos on YouTube, but his audio talks, which he gives daily, are well worth the listen.

On top of that, he has many books. with several translations of some of Thailand's most revered Therevada Forest monks.



For furthering your knowledge in Buddhism please refer this link:

Please note these are Theravada teachings...


Try collective teaching of Ajahn Chah.


There are videos on youtube and also available as podcasts.

He is from thai forest tradition and is a great teacher of western monks.

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