Is absent-mindedness, the opposite of Mindfulness? If someone forgets to buy grocery on the way home despite having planned, does it necessarily mean he is very less mindful?

Do these qualities somehow affect each other?

More generally, Is there a way to notice in practical aspects of life how mindful someone is? If some one is sharp, is he necessarily mindful? If contemplative?

Does any out worldly character indicate mindful nature or the lack there of?

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I believe you asked this exact question on our monk radio broadcast last week. Here's the answer, for reference:


  • Thanks for answering my question. Watching your Dhammapadha series of Youtube videos did bring in a great deal of peace inside of me.
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I'm not sure what you mean about outward quality.So forgive me if I got it wrong.I think being mindful is not the same as remembering your groceries.I can be completely mindful of walking but as long as the thought of grocery doesn't arise I won't remember it.So its more about remembering to stay in the present moment.Also outward characters that shows mindfulness probably Introversion or quiet people since they are not scattering their attention through excessive talking.


I would suggest for you the video; Vigilance - The Heart of Buddhism, by Ven. Yuttadhammo. In here it is talked about mindfulness and the importance of it and also what charateristics a mindful person have. For example it is told why old monks still look radiant.



In Buddhism mindfullness is being mindful of the arising and passing of phenomena pertaining to the mind matter process, while being equanimous and comprehending the true nature of the phenomena and the process.

By practicing the 4 foundations of mindfullness this is what you try to achieve. Being mindless in daily activities doesn't matter. Being mindful devoid of the above in daily activities like a circus girl doing her act will not help achieve liberation.

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