In the S.N. Goenka vipassana tradition the meditator tries to reach a 'freeflow' of sensations on and in the body. Is this 'freeflow' comparable with Pīti?

  • Not familiar with Goenka but is this "freeflow" a generally positive feeling? Also in the case of the "freeflow" in the Goenka tradition is this freeflow to be eventually let go? – Ahmed Feb 11 '15 at 6:43


Free flow is loosely used for Piti. Initially it is subtle vibrations which you feel. As you practice this spreads to your body. These vibrations are pleasant.

  • Would you be so kind to dig a bit deeper. Thanks – Guy Eugène Dubois Feb 11 '15 at 12:35

The free flow is when the whole body dissolves into subtle vibrations, and you reach the stage of bhanga, total dissolution. It causes pīti (pleasant sensation, rapture, bliss) and if not careful you can develop attachment to it.

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