I watched a documentary of his life and he was using the remote to change the channels on his TV. Does this not break any of the rules? (227 bhikkhu precepts) Thanks.

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In an interview the Dalai Lama says he watched shows like Discovery. He says he does not watch entertainment shows and does not listen to music. He apparently uses television like an educational book. http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/1204/25/pmt.01.html CTRL F type in television in the search box and you will see the interview excerpts.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama does not put conditions on anyone of any religious orientation or intellectual direction. He accepts all as they are. He eats meat every other day due to a medical condition. He tries to be the leader of a country and a spiritual branch of Buddhism and stay relevant to the latest technologies.

If your branch of Buddhism restricts media access, and that is acceptable to you, then follow the path you are on. We are all headed to the same destination, if there is a destination.

Thank you for the question.apparently

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I've seen accomplished zen masters apparently check their phone. It didn't really freak me out, at all. Honestly I think there are better things to worry about.

Not even because they are accomplished enough to break the precepts with skilful means, or because the precepts are surely meant as practical guidelines not categorical prescriptions.

But because checking your phone or watching the discovery channel isn't the sort of thing that they were created to guard against. It may sound absurd trying to guess the intentions of the Buddha in creating the vinaya, but it was for the good of the sangha and neither arbitrary nor IMO a divine law.

If you think that the HH the Dalai Lama is accruing bad karma by having a television, then I think you misunderstand his job.

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