This google books link indicates that there is a version of the Bodhisattva Precepts with 4 major and 43 minor (as compared to 10 major and 48 minor in the BNS Bodhisattva Precepts). Does anyone know what these are?

I will also provide a link to google to demonstrate that google does not provide an answer since that seems to be a common answer here.

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I take it you know the BNS precepts already, so you're asking about the Yogacara tradition.

I wonder whether this might be close to what you'e looking for (4 major and 41 minor precepts).

The Four Major Precepts

Great Ones, the following four parājikas [grave sins] are in the mātṛkā [collection of treatises] written by Bodhisattvas.

  1. Praising Oneself and Criticizing Others
    If a Bodhisattva, out of his greed for benefits, praises his own virtues and criticizes others, it is called the first parājika.

  2. Begrudging Possessions or the Dharma
    Suppose a Bodhisattva is well-to-do but stingy by nature. If he fails to invoke compassion and give poor people—who have nothing to depend on—the things they ask for, or refuses to teach them when they ask to hear the Dharma, it is called the second parājika.

  3. Refusing to Accept Repentance
    If a Bodhisattva, out of harming and terrifying anger, refuses to accept his offender’s repentance, uses abusive speech and, not feeling satisfied, hits him with hands, clubs, or stones, it is called the third parājika.

  4. Maligning or Adulterating the True Dharma
    If a Bodhisattva maligns Bodhisattva teachings, or pronounces supposedly similar dharmas and pretentiously establishes himself on such dharmas, which come from his own or someone else’s understanding, it is called the fourth parājika.

These precepts are in addition to the four grave prohibitions:

  1. The eight major precepts are the “four grave prohibitions” in the glossary, and the four major precepts in the Book of Bodhisattva Precepts (Sūtra 31).

This link says that's Yogācāra:

What specifically are your concerns? I just looked at Rulu's translation of The Book of Bodhisattva Precepts and the four parājikas are the same as what is given in the Bodhisattvabhūmi of the Yogācārabhūmiśāstra.

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