Right intention is a good thing: can I intend to be an Arhat or Buddha? What if I believe I cannot be either, can I still intend it, have the intention to any of its unique qualities and skills etc.?

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Yes, absolutely. In fact, as per the Mahayana classification, the intention (and the wish- aspiration) to become a Buddha for the benefit of all sentient beings is considered as the most skillful bodhisattva, the king like Bodhicitta. For the benefit of oneself and/or the benefit of others infused with compassion (karuna-bhava) is within the gambit of right intention.

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Yes. With the right intention and effort, anyone can become an Arhat or Buddha, but it may require many aeons or lives to fully cultivate these qualities.

Quoting from Previous lives of Buddha:

Many biographies of the Buddha begin not with his birth in his last lifetime but in a lifetime millions of years before, when he first made the vow to become a buddha

But he concluded that it would be better to delay his liberation in order to traverse the longer path to buddhahood; as a buddha he could lead others across the ocean of suffering to the farther shore.

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