I just read '. . . Bhadda Kapilani, a practitioner who for many lifetimes made the aspiration to be reborn as a woman.' What are the textural references for this?

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An overview regarding Bhadda Kapilani Theri can be found in Palikanon. Nothing here talks about her wanting to be reborn a woman. She seems to have always been reborn a woman according to this page.

Here are some other references:

There is one entry in Thig 4.1.

There's another very long entry on Bhadda Kapilani on Thi Ap 27.

“The foremost of my nun disciples who recollect past lives is Bhaddā daughter of Kapila."
AN 1.5.10

The long story from the AN commentary can be found here: AA 1.5.10.

The same story can be found in Ven. Sujato's blog entry: Kassapa and Bhadda Kapilani.

There is a story of Bhadda Kapilani in Chapter 2: Bhadda Kapilani of Hellmuth Hecker's essay entitled Maha Kassapa: Father of the Sangha.

There are many more references on Bhadda Kapilani, many of them in the Vinaya. You can search for "Bhadda Kapilani" on Sutta Central to find these.

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