I was on a project to read bhagvat geeta and understand it's true meaning by myself (since I was baffled by plenty of commentaries done by others). It's 4th adhyaya and I am convinced that this text is written with intention to cover failures of orthodox religion under god's name. The indirect attack on teachings of Buddha(little of which I know) is also evident in some verses. Nonetheless, I want to look for pure knowledge about myself and troubles I am going through and this time it's through Buddha. I am not new to Buddhism but I want to start from scratch,From where should I start? Which is the best book/resource to get authentic information about core of Buddha's teachings?


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You can start with summaries of Pali scriptures, such as:

  1. Constitution for Living: Buddhist Principles for a Fruitful and Harmonious Life – P.A. Payutto

  2. In the Buddha's Words - Bhikkhu Bodhi

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