Wondering if anyone could please give me some recommendations for a longer retreat in Thailand. A lot seem to only be 10 days but I'd like to do longer now as Ive done many shorter ones and would like to go a bit deeper. Im not young and need my own room. Thanks šŸ™

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I am not sure there are any retreat centres in Thailand offering long term retreats. However, many monasteries in Thailand are willing to offer you your own hut ('kuti'). In the monastic environment, often, you must join in the morning & evening monastic activities of chanting & meditation and also do some daily chores; while having the free time to practice on your own. You can try writing to:

While you cannot write to Suan Mokkh, after they get to know you (while you stay in an open dormitory), Suan Mokkh or their ancillary monastery Dawn Kiem (if it is still functioning) may offer you a hut (kuti). A relatively recent post about Dawn Kiem is here. Dawn Kiem is a 5 minute walk from the InterĀ­national Dharma HerĀ­mitĀ­age. Suan Mokkh has a monthly 10 day retreat at its InterĀ­national Dharma HerĀ­mitĀ­age. Therefore, if you are offered a hut, you can do formal retreat for 10 days and do personal retreat for 20 days.

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