We are conditioned beings. Process of conditioning begins at a very early age and continues till we die.

My question is : Does the process of conditioning affect the conditioner ?


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In Buddhism, the word "a being" refers to a view that has been conditioned (SN 23.2; SN 5.10). It is not the "being" that engages in conditioning but is the arising of the notion/view of "a being" that is something conditioned.

The doctrine of Dependent Origination (described in SN 12.2) refers to three conditioners:

  1. Body conditioner (kayasankharo; the breathing)
  2. Verbal conditioner (vacisankharo; initial & sustained thought)
  3. Mind conditioner (cittasankharo; perception & feeling).

The above three conditioners can get stirred up/proliferated by ignorance.

Therefore, the process of conditioning certainly affect the conditioners because the process of conditioning causes the conditioners to proliferate (eg. described in SN 12.38) .

For example, we are sitting calmly then suddenly there is an earthquake. The perception of the earthquake gives rise to a proliferation of other perceptions & feelings, many thoughts and causes the breathing to become flurried. This is an example of how the conditioners proliferate when there is ignorance & conditioning.

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